Everybody has a bucket list that they want to explore as they get older. For some, they want to achieve crossing off at least 2 items a year on that list to ensure they live a fulfilled bucket list life. Crossing out each of the bucket list items doesn’t mean that you will live a fulfilled life, but it does mean you end up doing things in life that you want to achieve. Setting goals on a bucket list then consistently achieving 1-3 of them per year can help you become a successful person throughout life. It shows that you can set your sights on something and go after it. If you know how to do something and do nothing, it is the same as not knowing in the first place.

As you pursue your bucket list of ideas, you should consider adding the Camino de Santiago to that growing list. You should also consider accomplishing it sooner in life. The reason you should consider this as something to cross off earlier in life is that it will give you a greater perspective on the world as a whole. Walking the Camino de Santiago will expose you to more people from more countries in a short period while setting a challenging goal to accomplish. The path sets you on a goal of walking across the entire country of Spain for over 500 miles. You will begin to discover new things about yourself along the path and find more meaning in the connections and friendships you find along the way.

Besides, you will subconsciously be taking baby steps that will eventually take you to your ultimate goal. The pilgrimage is not only religious but has meaning in the goal aspect of life. You must take your big goal or bucket list one step at a time. Day by day walking a little further. Task by task achieving your overall list and strategy in life. It is a metaphor for greater things in life and will take you further than many of the items on your bucket list. Many people put adventurous things on their bucket list that often include thrill style experiences. You should seek to accomplish wholesome tasks on your bucket list while trying to find yourself more thoroughly.

The Camino de Santiago is one of those trips that will shed light on more things in life. Even if you accomplish the pilgrimage later in life as many people do, you will find ways in your life that may be significantly changed as a result of the 6-week journey. The formation is essential during any bucket list item. Read more about how others have found themselves on the Camino by reading more books about the Camino de Santiago. You can find Camino books and the ideal backpacking gear for the trip at different blogs that are specialized in the Camino de Santiago journey.

About the Author:

Caleb walked the Camino de Santiago in the fall of 2016 and is planning another trip with his family and newborn baby in the fall of 2021. He works as a NetSuite developer at a family business in Wisconsin providing IT services to mid-market organizations. This career field is perfect for the Camino because it allows him to occasionally take longer vacations and work remotely.