An Electrical Spotter is a very crucial member of the construction industry. He has a very responsible task of looking into the risks involved in the operation of electrical equipment in the construction sites. Hence, an Electrical Spotter is also referred to as Safety Observer. When utilised in a proper situation, the use of a properly trained and confident electrical spotter can play a significant role in preventing workplace damage, injuries and fatalities.

A spotter contributes to the proper functioning of things only if they are well trained and adequately understand their functions. A spotter needs to possess the following qualities. However, having traffic control ticket Melbourne will always be an added advantage. 

  1. A spotter should have a thorough understanding of the tasks carried under spotter zone. He should know all the control measures and No Go Zone regulations.
  2. A Spotter ought to be over 18 years of age and must have undertaken an electrical spotter course in Melbourne
  3. A spotter should have good vision. He should know the technicalities associated with a particular task and should be able to judge the dangers involved in it. He is expected to be very diligent and alert all the time and pro-actively understand the ever-changing conditions. At the same time, a spotter is also likely to be aware of the emergency procedures for any such event.
  4. As it is statedwhen the work is between 3.0m and 6.4m, the spotter is mandatory to be used. Thus, the judgement of distances with accuracy is another quality a spotter must possess. 
  5. A spotter should clearly understand all communication protocols. He should be able to communicate through the hand signals and whistles as per the need, in order to direct the equipment operators.
  6. It can turn out to be a tedious job over the period, as it includes standing for long hours. He may also require walking significant distances for some of the tasks. Therefore, a spotter should be fit for duty. He should possess and be able to maintain appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required for the job.


Evidently, construction sites and places where safety is of utmost importance, the need of associated workforce like electrical spotter or traffic controller also become high, thereby increasing the importance of their role and the associated responsibilities.