Nowadays, Architecture is emerging as a reliable career option. That’s why to move forward in this career; there should be a mental inclination and orientation of the students towards it. As you know, these days that an architect is needed for designing, constructing buildings and houses. Hence the demands of the architects are increasing. Despite this, the course also teaches about material management, safety management, designs, and many more.

To create a successful architecture career, a person should get admission to top architecture colleges in Nagpur. In this article, we have mentioned about top three colleges of architecture.

All top architecture colleges in Nagpur

  • Smt. Manormabai Muddle college of architecture

Sm. Manormabai Mundle College of architecture, also known as SMMCA, is one of the best architecture colleges. This college is well known for its educational programs as it provides all the three levels of education that involves –

  1. Bachelor’s in architecture
  2. Master’s
  3. PhD

The best part about this college is that this college offers highly qualified professors who have theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge to their students. It also provides advanced facilities and learning about the corporate sectors. This helps students to learn about how to task professionally.

Pursuing your architecture degree from top architecture colleges in Nagpur can be your best decision because this college provide you the following things –

  1. Amazing campus experience
  2. All the modern facilities that are used in the corporate sectors.
  3. Big library, where students get a peaceful environment to study.
  4. Good placement opportunities will help you out in getting a job in your dream college.
  • Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT)

Established in 1960, VNIT is one of the best architecture colleges. It is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Since 1960 this college has consistently maintained its reputation in nourishing students into professional architects. Despite being one of the oldest colleges of architecture, this college never misses a chance to introduce modern facilities. The best part about this college is that It focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical.

  • Institute of Design Education and Architectural Studies (IDEAS)

Institute of design education and architectural studies, referred to as IDEAS, was established in 2009. In such a short period, this college has given some of the best architects. Every year this college nourishes hundreds of students into professional architects. The reason behind this growth is the faculties and facilities it provides to its students. This college has highly qualified professors and modern facilities that help students to learn about modern equipment.

Lines for Closure:

We hope this article will help you in choosing the top architecture colleges in Nagpur. These are only the three top colleges. There are other colleges also that you can explore. The main thing before getting admission to any college is to do the relevant research about every aspect. Architecture career has immense possibilities as the demand is going to increase. Therefore, it will be the best decision to choose It as your career option.