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DNotesEDU has been committed to providing free digital currency education and raising basic financial literacy among the public since 2015


DNotesEDU wants to help you learn about cryptocurrency and the positive impact it could have on your life. We believe that digital currency education should be free for everyone, and promise to keep it that way. The environment is relaxed, every question is an important one, and the site is open and free to all, regardless of age, personal beliefs, wealth, financial or technology knowledge. Every effort will be made to continuously provide relevant educational and informative material that will guide you in your quest for digital financial literacy.

"Education in Digital Currency and Finance for Everyone"


What are Bitcoin Futures?

In case you thought the whole concept of bitcoin was already too difficult to grasp for the average person, it is about to make friends with traditional financial products that very few people understand. Cboe Global Markets will be launching bitcoin futures trading...
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Bitcoin 2017 A Year In Review

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Key Points: How Normal People Get Involved in Cryptocurrency

  Although there are a variety of ways to get involved in cryptocurrency, there are just as many ways that new users get scammed. With the promise of big returns, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and forego all common sense. This brief guide will...
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The Elephant in the Room: Cryptocurrency’s Massive Bubble(s)

There has been some consensus developing among experts that cryptocurrency is experiencing a bubble. What sort of bubble we are dealing with remains to be seen, and there are varying opinions on this complex matter. While the industry as a whole has barely begun to...
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Cryptocurrency is in Dire Need of Appropriate Exchange Regulation

Cryptocurrency has a huge problem that has netted investors well over a billion dollars in losses, and that is lack of accountability among exchanges. There has been countless exchanges cease operations and flee with customer funds, as well as more elaborate schemes....
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Cryptocurrency and Market Timing Irrationality

It is pretty safe to say that the majority of new investors in cryptocurrency are there because they have heard of the amazing profits earned by other investors. Even though they may be warned of the potential risks and wild volatility, many come to expect nothing but...
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DNotesEDU Digital Finance & Cryptocurrency Education Platform

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DNotes 2.0 – Bridging the Gap Between the Centralized and Decentralized World

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Bitcoin is Not a Ponzi, Tulip Bulb, or Beanie Baby

Bitcoin is not a ponzi scheme, pyramid, tulip bulb, or beanie baby, and despite over a hundred front page headlines claiming otherwise, it is also not dead. When we don't understand a new concept, our minds try to connect it to something we are even slightly more...
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5 Reasons For And Against Investing In Cryptocurrency

5 Reasons To Invest In Cryptocurrency 1) You could play a role in the development of a concept that has the potential to change the world more than the internet. 2) It is difficult for most people to pick winners in the early stages of an industry's development, but...
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