Google has a number of courses within Skillshop. Some of them include Google ads, Google marketing platform analytics Academy, Google ad manager Google for education, Authorized buyers. The certification courses are mainly meant for professionals and agencies. They want to provide their services to their clients and have knowledge of each Google product. Given the entrepreneurs and individuals can take these courses to learn about Google tools. Each course goes through both basic and advanced module switch can be completed at your own time.

Google ads and Google Analytics

Certifications are an essential part of Skillshop. You can take various exams such as Google ads, Google Analytics. These important courses are available to everyone. There is an introduction of more comprehensive Google tools, new avenues to reach customers and many of these courses are equally important. If you want to learn how to advertise on YouTube effectively the app developers may want to learn about AdMob, Android Academy. It depends upon the services you want to provide to customers and they choose the courses and certifications accordingly.

You are allowed to complete each course at the comfort level. At once users can complete courses within a day. While it can take others to complete each course for weeks. There are no fixed time limits. These courses in Google Skillshop free of cost.

In order to pass the certification exam, you need to follow these steps

·         Complete the course you are interested in doing such as Google Analytics.

·         Once the entire course is completed, you can take an assessment for certification. It involves you giving the examination of that specific course you have studied.

·         You need to score at least 80% or above to pass the exam and achieve certification.

·         The certification is useful and humans need it in the future.

Google products and tools

Skillshop is about those who want to learn more about Google products and tools. You can also use skillshop if you want to manage Google ads, Analytics. You don’t have to rely on a paid professional if you can deal with that on your own. These courses are comprehensive and it helps everyone those who are interested in doing them.

Benefits of learning from Skillshop

·         Cover platforms like display, shopping, YouTube, tag manager, etc

·         There are 30 plus hours of HD video.

·         It is completely suitable for beginners; the market is that one certification, experience search marketers who want to explore new channels.

·         It is 100% free.

They include topics like

Campaign and AD group structure, bidding options, remarketing, Google search User experience, reporting and Optimization, Ad copy rules and best practices, keywords negative keywords, and other search concepts of Google. The certifications are Google ad certified. Skillshop is developed and maintained for the benefit of the learners. All the courses are dealt with the in-depth policy which mainly focuses on Google search ads. It helps the candidates to learn and apply it in a day to day life. You can learn a lot and help yourself by completing the course.