The usage of headings and subheadings is very important for every paper. They help the readers understand the general idea of the work and the direction of the information, discussion, etc. Besides, they are sure to make your paper better. Let’s discover more about headings and their peculiarities in the article below.

What are headings?

Headings guide the readers through the document. They serve to identify the content of a specific paragraph or section in a paper. Headings should be descriptive. They should also be clear and precise. The better you write the headings the better results you’ll get.

One should learn everything about the suggested APA guidelines to make good headings and improve the paper. For instance, it’s essential to know that the first paragraph doesn’t need a heading. Secondly, they aren’t used with letters, numbers, etc. There are many other important details.

Aside from the heading, there are four subheadings. They aren’t obligatory but can be used to develop the paper structure. Yet, a writer can’t use only one subheading in the section. If used, there has to be at least two of them.

Headings are usually centered and bold. Both uppercase and lowercase headings are possible. Write headings in the active voice.

The main functions of headings:

  1. Headings divide the paper into themed sections.
  2. They describe the general idea of a certain piece of information.
  3. Headings help to structure the paper for simpler perception.

Writing papers means delivering some ideas or adding to the discussion. Headings exist to help deliver the information more effectively. They also help connect the sections into a logical sequence. If you want to learn more, go to and find out everything one has to know about APA headings.