Most parents who enroll their children in preschool tend to think of these years as a time in daycare with a few benefits. However, in the near future when it is time to go to private schools in California, it is evident that toddlers who excelled in preschool have a better chance of being accepted.

Instead of choosing just any daycare in the area to watch your precious children, there are many advantages in selecting the best preschool. Here are a few things that young children learn at a top-notch preschool that will help them achieve greatness in the future:

#1: Master Their Fine Motor Skills

Yes, it is true that each child develops their fine motor skills at a different rate. Some can easily grasp a pencil and start scribbling while others may have some issues. At a preschool, teachers will encourage children to practice their fine motor skills until they have mastered simple tasks such as using eating utensils, crayons, and pencils.

Some may even learn how to use child-friendly scissors correctly which will better prepare their small hands for learning how to write.

#2: Improved Listening Skills

It is common for parents to stress that their children do not know how to listen or follow instructions. Thankfully, preschools are equipped to help toddlers learn how to improve their listening skills. Simple exercises such as reading stories about topics they love and practice using simple multi-step directions will drastically improve their ability to listen and understand.

#3: Independence

Private schools in California that accept preschoolers also teach children how to be more independent. This is done by teaching them how to pack their bags, put on their own jackets, and clean up after meals. Sometimes children can even learn how to tie their own shoes at preschool!

#4: More Adapt Social Skills

Going to preschool allows young children to interact with children their own age. This helps them learn how to get along, play, and share with others which result in better and faster emotional and social development.

#5: Learning The Basics For Kindergarten

During their preschool years, toddlers will also learn all the basics they need for kindergarten. Teachers will help them learn how to count, identify colors and shapes, while also familiarizing them with the alphabet, all of which will give your child the advantage when they enter kindergarten.

#6: Using Their Imagination

Preschoolers are also encouraged to use their imaginations while at school. Whether it’s through art, storytelling, or just imaginative play, children who use their imaginations tend to be more creative and effective problem solvers as they age.

#7: Control Over Their Gross Motor Skills

Not all learning occurs in the classroom. Preschoolers are also encouraged to gain mastery and control over their gross motor skills through various activities such as dancing, outdoor games, and active play. This ensures that when they move up to kindergarten they are coordinated and have full control over their balance.

Children who are given the opportunity to learn and grow during their preschool years adjust to kindergarten better which means less separation anxiety for “big kid school”.

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