Are you aware that there is a national movement that provides a Chinese course in Singapore? It is called Skillsfuture, which develops and drives the potential skills and passion of the citizens through various courses. Skillsfuture offers language courses, mandarin programmes, Chinese training, and many more, including editing assistance from platforms like

Generally, they offer a Chinese course for Singapore citizens of ages 25 and above. If you want to learn and enrol using your Skillsfuture credits, below is a list of Skillsfuture language courses you can take.


Through your Skillsfuture, you can take language courses, such as Japanese. It will educate you on the introduction to the Japanese language and the phrases helpful in everyday situations. For instance, how are you, where is this, how much is this, etc. The training will last for 60 hours or 30 days.


One of the Skillsfuture language courses you may also enrol in using your credits is the beginner course for French. You will also learn the basics and phrases for everyday situations like the Japanese course.


You can also take a Skillsfuture mandarin course. The course will tackle Han Yu Pin Yin and its appropriate pronunciation. Also, it will develop your conversational skills and teach you the phrases for everyday situations. The Skillsfuture mandarin course will last for ten sessions.


You can also master Vietnamese through Skillsfuture language courses. In ten classes, you may learn the grammar rules, proper pronunciation, and use of daily situational phrases.


Thai is also one of the Skillsfuture language courses you can take up. The course will teach you to carry out conversations and daily situational dialogues. You will also master the proper pronunciation like the other Skillsfuture language courses.

Skillsfuture in Chinese, Japanese, French and other languages courses can benefit Singaporeans in communicating with different nationalities. Good communication skills can also benefit your career and may also help you in the future in case you work in another country.

Want to know more about different Skillsfuture language courses? Visit Stanford Language Centre to enquire more about their programmes, courses, and services.