Many of us have heard about TOEFL ITP, but what does it exactly mean and how can it help you as a student? TOEFL ITP exam (สอบ TOEFL ITP, which is a term in Thai) analyses a student’s skill in the English language. The format of this exam is similar to the format used in the classrooms. Hence, making it familiar for the students to do the exam. These exams are available both offline and online and a student can choose any mode to give the exam as per his or her convenience and budget. 

Why should you Choose TOEFL ITP?

The exam has two levels – Level 1 and Level 2 – that analyses a student’s skills in English in different areas such as both reading and listening comprehension and written and structured expression. Based on this exam a student can be trained and coached further. The reading and listening comprehension analyses the ability to listen, read and speak English in universities and colleges. On the other hand, written and structure expression focuses on grammatical and structural points in written English. 

How Long Does It Take to Give Exam?

The total amount of time taken to give a TOEFL ITP exam depends on the level you choose. Level 1 of the exam takes around 2 hours with a total of 140 questions that are divided into three sections. Once the exam gets over, the students get the scorecard that also includes performance feedback. Level 2 takes lesser time, i.e. for around 1 hour. The level has around 95 questions which are also divided into three sections. The student will get a certificate depending on the score he or she has got. 

Where to Apply Your TOEFL ITP?

Once you have scored and got your TOEFL ITP you can use it in many ways. Many institutions and universities give preference to the students with the certificate of this exam. It helps the students to get into advanced and scholarship programs not only in their own country but also in international universities or colleges. It also helps in building the skills with the English language as your strong point. 

Give Your TOEFL ITP and NL Step 1 Exam in Thailand

If you want to improve your skills or get into a medical course, then you should enroll into TOEFL ITP course and course NL step 1 (คอร์สเรียน NL step 1, term in Thai). You can find some of the best institutions and centers that offer these courses and allow you to give the exams at a small fee.