A well-managed recruitment database can draw in great results. A recruitment CRM will help you recruit, onboard, and manage both candidates and your clients. But finding a recruitment software that is the right fit for you is not simple. Recruitment agencies should exercise caution when selecting a CRM solution. Apart from the standard software prerequisites comprising speed, accessibility, and ease of use, there is more to evaluate before making a decision. Below are some important requirements your recruitment software should possess. 


  • It integrates with social media accounts


Social media is a way of life in this digital age. A recruitment solution that integrates with different social media platforms is integral to how recruiters operate today. Finding and communicating with potential candidates is made easy with social media. In recruitment, LinkedIn stands at the top of the social media platform. It plays a key role in recruitment with recruiters increasingly turning to LinkedIn to find top quality candidates. It is relatively easy to identify and approach skilled professionals who are not actively looking for jobs.

A recruitment solution that can import a LinkedIn profile seamlessly to the software allowing recruiters to record the candidate’s profile is crucial.


  • It is a SaaS based recruitment software


A SaaS based recruitment CRM is ideal for start-ups or small recruitment companies who want to test a new software. SaaS, meaning software as a service, is about renting the service of a software which essentially allows you the facilities without having to spend a huge amount of money. You can pay a monthly fee in exchange for its service. SaaS also implements the Agile system so there is constant work being done in the software behind the scenes. An issue raised by a customer, but not yet detected by others, will be worked out if possible and benefit all. 


  • It is intuitive 


A good user experience is a crucial part of recruitment CRM solutions. A software is only as good and useful as the consumers find it. A quality software should be intuitive. An intuitive recruitment software should be able to anticipate and reduce problems recruiters deal with. If recruiters find it difficult to navigate then it becomes more of a hassle than a help. The software should be improving the recruitment process, not obstructing the recruiters’ work.


  • It is cloud based server for your global staff


When you get a cloud-based server, the responsibility of hosting and upgrading the software falls to the software company. As a user, you don’t need to worry about your security, either. A global company with a large team will need cloud-based servers in order to access each other’s data. It is also necessary for a company if its most of recruiters work remotely. Sharing data, accessing company archives, updating and communicating with supervisors about their work progress is convenient through a cloud-based software.

Book a demonstration to see how the software works. This will help you understand if your agency can work with the software. Use the demo as an opportunity to ask questions, take notes and clear any doubts. If you feel you have got an understanding of the software, see if it possible to get a free trail. Get your staff to try it for a couple of days.