24 Apr 2024

Month: February 2020


The Art Of Communicating With Professors 

Students often elevate professors to being almost super-human individuals.  This necessarily challenges and strains communication. The result can often be that students either do not know how to communicate with professors, or they are too intimidated to do so.  Thus, students are frequently at a…


5 Way to Memorise Content 

As time progresses, Singapore’s education has become more rigorous. In Primary School, students are often required to understand a key concept and learn to apply it in different scenarios, even when the question changes. However, some subjects like Science still requires students to memorise the…


How to Register for IELTS Tests? 

From April 2015, IELTS Life Abilities is available at this examination center. IELTS Life Skills are available at two levels: IELTS Life Skills: A1 Speaking as well as Listening IELTS Life Abilities: B1 Speaking as well as Paying Attention In-Person Speaking as well as Listening…


“Benefits of Pre-Schools” 

Education is the basic need of every child now. For a secure future and settled life, one should be educated. It changes the way people thinking and their living. Education has transformed societies into well organized and mannered ones. Everyone wants to educate their kids…