According to a current report, the average pharmacy assistant hourly fee in Calgary is C$15.67. With such decent pay structure, many people are opting for the profession of pharmacy assistant in Calgary. They work under the observation of pharmacy technicians or pharmacist. The job role and responsibility of drugstore assistant is to prepare drug compounds, followed by packaging and labelling those for the maintenance of pharmacy storage. To learn the best pharmacy assistant diploma Calgary, one must understand the following criteria to become a good pharmacy assistant.  

Program overview of becoming a pharmacy assistant

From assisting pharmacist, prepare to make a prescribed medication, tablets counting, and preparation of labels. It should also include the dealing with customer inquiries over the phone and in-person, stocking shelves and operating the cash register. Here are some roles of a drugstore helper which are taught to produce best pharmacy assistant diploma Calgary:

  • Gain practical experiences, theory, and lab to transit comfortably in a new set of work
  • Introduce yourself to the procedures of institutional pharmacy and community to get prepared for the work for the various sets of pharmacy
  • Understand the basic mathematical calculation which is used by pharmacy helper in healthcare programs Calgary, hospitals and retail pharmacies
  • Understand basic human anatomy, medical terminology, pharmacology, physiology, and pathophysiology.

The healthcare programs Calgary include designated laboratory and classrooms. Those highly designated labs and classrooms in Calgary helps to stimulate both hospital pharmacy practices and community with equipped workplaces. It also involves dispensing supplies, high-speed automated medication packager and certified sterile production hoods. 

Functions taught in pharmacy assistant diploma Calgary

The primary and essential function as a pharmacy assistant should ensure the smooth running of pharmacy stores. Here are a few functions based on daily goals:

  • Greeting consumers and assisting them with their requirement
  • Answering through phone calls
  • Maintaining a track of re-stocking and inventory drugs along with other necessary items
  • Verifying and cancelling expired medication
  • Helping package, compound and label pharmaceutical products
  • Acceptance of prescription
  • Preparation of routine paperwork like orders, memos, invoices, etc.
  • Working the cash register

Benefits and challenges of working as a pharmacy assistant

One of the most commonly reported advantages of working as a pharmacy assistant is knowing the customers. Apart from building a positive relationship with client, there are few other benefits as well, and these are

  • Helping to prepare prescriptions and delivering those
  • Working with a wide range of the diverse population of customers
  • Various responsibilities and tasks which keep the work interesting
  • Flexible hours of working

Apart from benefits, there are some challenges as well to work as a pharmacy assistant:

  • Dealing with the demands of fast-paced pharmacies
  • Handling and managing anxious or difficult clients
  • Covering most of the delivery places on feet

As the pay structure of a pharmacy assistant in Calgary is decent, the demand for pharmacy assistant diploma Calgary is also very impressive. A large section students of Alberta are opting for this profession to earn a satisfying amount of monthly income and to serve the society in the medical field.