SGT College is well known for its 17 faculties and its departments which offer multi specialisations. The departments are well established and headed by teachers who are experts in their fields. SGT College of Agriculture is considered top private college for Agriculture in Gurgaon & India, post-graduation and masters in agricultural sciences. 

SGT College of Agriculture consists of staff members who are a master in their chosen field. The teachers are well acquainted with their craft. The students can learn B.Sc. in Agriculture course and also pursue a masters as well as doctorate degree under the guidance of expert teachers. The teachers have years of experience and this allows them train the students efficiently. The fee structure offered is viable and totally feasible for the students.  

Students get to learn from teachers who teach through practical approach. A hand on approach in teaching is observed which helps the students in learning the practical aspect of the subject.  Students get to learn practically, and through this practical approach are able to have in depth knowledge about the subject. SGT College of Agriculture has several acres of land in possession which help the students in learning the courses practically. The faculty of agriculture is well endowed with a state of the art infrastructure. There are several labs and research centres with cutting edge technology which helps the students in learning in a better way. The faculty is well known for its international collaborations and associations. These associations help the students in learning from the best in the industry across the globe. 

Apart from international associations faculty of agriculture is well known for its workshops which are held on a periodic manner and enable the students to learn from affluent and well recognised members in the society. The faculty is well facilitated with a corporate resource centre which helps in placement assistance to students and helps them in getting placed with lucrative companies in the market. The practical training makes the students’ future oriented and job ready. It enables them to face any challenges that may arise in the future.  The students get to learn from the best. It helps in aptitude enhancement and helps in increasing the dexterity of the students.

 Also along with regular academics care is taken for all round development of students. For this purpose soft skill classes are held regularly which help the students in improving their soft skills and personality enhancement. The soft skill classes and demonstrations help the students in learning from the masters. They are given tips on interview and how to appear as well as prepare for them. The students are taught the value of leadership and how to work as a team. 

 Sgt College of Agriculture possesses acres of land which help the students in learning the practical side of their field. Also, students are taught about real life scenarios through industry academia visits which are held regularly. These visits are instrumental in making them understand the actual job scenario.