It takes a lot when you’re selecting a Maths or Science tuition in Singapore for your child. Whether it’s an A-level, primary or secondary, every parent has the responsibility to take time and consider the decisions carefully. Maths is not an easy subject to tackle. Parents must also communicate with their children about what they want and expect in Maths tuition.

Here are tips that will help you make the right decision as a parent when it comes to choosing your child’s Maths tuition:

1. Think about the location

It’s generally a good rule of thumb to consider choosing a primary or secondary Maths tuition in Singapore close to your home. Young students who don’t always have daily supervision from their guardians or parents can benefit from enrolling at a tuition/learning centre near where they live. It cuts the transportation costs, and you can have a teacher or tutor visit a home for off-class tutorials.

2. Choose tuition that works well with your budget

Every parent wants to provide the best learning opportunity and experience for their child. However, as parents, we also need to be practical about what works with our budget. When choosing secondary or primary math tuition in Singapore, the pricing is a huge factor you need to consider. Does your budget allow you to meet the fees? Not all high-rating tuitions mean higher education quality. So, make sure you do background research at the tuition centre and not just the price.

3. Look through their reputation

Aside from the fees, reputation is everything that speaks about the quality of education. A simple search for ‘math tuition in Singapore’ online can bring plenty of results. You can ask for recommendations, but a quality tuition centre is always high in demand. However, the price and location might be inconvenient. But if it’s a learning centre with a high reputation, the difficulties may be worth taking for quality education.

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