As time progresses, Singapore’s education has become more rigorous. In Primary School, students are often required to understand a key concept and learn to apply it in different scenarios, even when the question changes.

However, some subjects like Science still requires students to memorise the content before they can apply it in different questions. Hence, many parents have engaged with primary school tuition Singapore to get tutors to teach their children new ways of memorising and understanding different concepts.

We are here to share with you 5 ways on how you can memorise content better.

Draw Concept Maps

One way to check how much you already know is to draw concept maps on the information you already know based on your memory. After which you can check again to see what are the important details you have left out.

Do this multiple times and aim to fully grasp all the concepts you need to know without missing out on any information before your examination! Concept maps help you to find the links between different concepts, which will give you a better understanding of the entire topic.

Remember not to spend too much time on the aesthetic of the concept maps! You are not graded on that.


Why do we find it easy to remember the lyrics of songs? Our brain works uniquely, rhyming always helps us to remember better. Hence, the next time you are revising for a subject that has a large chunk of information, try coming up with sentences that rhyme to help you remember the key concepts needed.

Make up a story

Do you realise that it is easier to remember a story that was mentioned by someone? A story often leaves a deeper impression. When you are attempting to memorise the content of a subject, try coming up with a simple story to help you remember better.

When you make up a story, you can break down a large chunk of content into smaller pieces and link them together. For example, if you need to memorise a chemical formula, you can use the name of fruits to name the different molecules. This makes it easier to relate to.

Practice Questions

After you have learned a new concept, it is important to test yourself to check if you have full grasp the concept. After attempting the questions, check to see if you have missed out on any key information.

By practicing more questions, it will help to strengthen your concepts and help you to find out which area you are weaker in.

Teach what you have learned

The best way to check if you have fully understood a concept is to teach someone else. If you find yourself struggling to explain the concept to your friends, it is time for you to revisit the concept and ask yourself what is unclear to you.

This is the chance for you to see how much of the concept do you understand and whether you need additional help. If you need to find a primary school tuition Singapore,  Einstein Tuition is here to help. We provide one-to-one tuition services at an affordable rate, without compromising on the quality. Contact us now to find out more!