From April 2015, IELTS Life Abilities is available at this examination center.

IELTS Life Skills are available at two levels:

  • IELTS Life Skills: A1 Speaking as well as Listening
  • IELTS Life Abilities: B1 Speaking as well as Paying Attention

In-Person Speaking as well as Listening test

An examiner will take your test, as well as with another examination taker.

The works in IELTS are designed to show the everyday experience of interacting in an English-speaking nation. You will be anticipated to participate in brief discussions on daily subjects consisting of:

  • Individual details/experiences
  • Acquiring products
  • Friends and family
  • Work
  • Recreation
  • Health
  • Education/training
  • Real estate
  • Transportation
  • Weather condition

Frequently asked questions.

How will I be evaluated in the test?

You will be analyzed on your capability in four essential locations:

  • Getting info.
  • Speaking with interaction.
  • Conveying information.
  • Taking part in the conversation.

At times, while in the test, you are permitted to take notes to prepare your solutions. The examiner will not evaluate your notes, just your talking, as well as listening abilities, are marked throughout the test.

What takes place in the test?

In IELTS, there are two different parts:

  • In the initial component, you are expected to ask as well as address inquiries on acquainted topics.
  • The second component is a combined listening and talking job.

  • At A1, as well as a B1 degree, you will pay attention to a task played on a CD.
  • Completing the job allows you to reveal your capability to listen to both the general significance and information.
  • You will claim your responses, although you can make notes on paper while you listen to the CD.
  • There will then be a discussion on a style related to what you have listened to on the CD.

  • In addition, at the B1 level, there is likewise a task where you intend an activity with the other candidates.

For the A1 English test booking, please visit the provided link.