Bullying is a common issue in school because society instils a criterion for a person to be part of a community. However, diversity is beautiful because, in the collective difference, people can find that difference is a source of novelty and creativity. Some students have so much potential, but sometimes they feel restricted due to the strict social rules. For this reason, teachers should know ways to make the learning centre in Singapore inclusive.

1. Call Them By Their Names

Some teachers are unaware that they are creating a divide among their students. For instance, instead of calling them by their names, you may label them based on their appearances, like the dark-skinned boy or the curly-haired girl sitting at the back. Unfortunately, it may be the cause of bullying since they are unique.


2. Teach About Diversity

When teaching in tuition learning centres, you can teach your students about the beauty of diversity. Tell them the importance of why society needs variation. It inspires creativity and a better understanding of one another.

3. Let Them Share Their Stories

A person is more than skin colour, sexuality and life status. Everyone has a story to tell. So, if teaching in a tuition centre in Pasir Ris, let the students tell their stories, and their classmates will understand each other better.


4. Get to Know Your Students

You can also make an extra effort by knowing your students personally. In doing so, you can understand why they behave the way they do. As you teach in a tuition centre in Tampines, take some time to get to know your students by conversing with them.

5. Focus on What They Can Do

As a teacher, it is better to focus on things your students can do in tuition learning centres. Avoid making them feel embarrassed because their classmates may make fun of them. It is better to focus on what they can do to give your support.

Make every student feel welcomed by following these tips above. Enrol your child in The Junior Learners Learning Centre for a good learning experience. Visit their website to know more about this learning centre.