The biggest asset you can ever have with you is empowerment. So many people are extremely poor and they desperately need your help. As a person, you cannot demolish poverty but as a team, you can expel poverty from the society. You can donate to people or empower them by improving their knowledge and skills. Donate funds to the poor as they can find a sustainable livelihood for themselves. It is important for a human being to live with dignity and self-respect and this can be achieved only by combating poverty.

What are the ways to empower?

 Provide them education

Education is the basic right that any individual should attain. In fact, the first step for fighting poverty will be by having an adequate education. As all of you know the common saying which is what you sow now will you reap later! Well that is exactly true. Education is the prime importance as it helps anyone to stand on their own. With education, you needn’t have to depend on anyone so providing education for poor children will be the greatest asset as they can save for a sustainable livelihood. There are many NGOs who are keen in looking for underprivileged people to provide them education.

Why do children deserve an education?

Underprivileged children face the risk of combating poverty when they fail to receive proper and basic education. Education acts as an instrument to shape one’s personality and increases the ability to deal with situations of life. It helps in grooming their cognitive abilities as well.

For mental strength

Allowing desperate children to schools will help them to acquire knowledge in different fields of education. Going to school and learning different subjects like maths, science, social science, and other subjects will help them to increase their knowledge. It also increases their mental strength and improves the thought process. As school is the basis for the fountain of knowledge poor children will be highly benefited when they are sent to schools.

Acquires social strength

By sending these underprivileged children to schools will help them to get exposed to a lot of children from diverse backgrounds. It paves them a chance to socialize with other people and learn how to deal with society. They will be able to involve in sociable practices such as participation, and friendship. These aspects will help them when they enter adulthood so schools are the place where the children learn to socialize.

Gains physical strength 

The children may be good in co-curricular activities but they may not participate because their parents couldn’t afford them education due to poverty. But schools are the beginning place where they can showcase their talents and they get exposed to various activities. It is the place where your child can channelize their energy.

 The endpoint

For sustainable livelihood children and young people should receive a proper education. Keeping this as a motive many NGO organizations are working hard to provide education to the underprivileged and desperate children. So be a reason for happiness in someone’s life by meeting their basic needs.