Although having a thorough understanding of the subject is insufficient, efficiently recreating it on the answer sheet is critical to achieving higher scores. So, to make the document easy to read, the questions and answers must be presented and organized logically. Here are some 11 plus exams pointers on how to make your exam paper appear attractive and earn more points:


Sift through the question paper and mark the ones that you think you can answer quickly. Prioritize such responses and place them at the top of your answer sheet. It makes a positive first impression on the examiner. Answers should be written in legible handwriting.  Also, cuts and rubbing should be avoided. Maintain a neat and well-formatted response.


It’s critical to sequence and highlights the question and answer numbers. You must consider the examiner’s point of view. Try to make the examiner’s life as easy as possible when reading your paper. It will make him happy. The question and answer numbers should be written in bold characters and highlighted.

Paragraphs that are too long should be avoided:

Make an effort to avoid writing long paragraphs in your response. It annoys the examiner. Each examiner must go through a large number of copies, and reading the paragraph can be challenging. Instead of sections, suitable points are used in paragraphs. Put them bold, and also underline them to draw attention to them. Allow one or two lines between each point to create ambiguity.

Representation in Diagrams:

One of the good approaches to get more marks is to use diagrams. If at all possible, use diagrams, charts, and other visual aids to clarify the answer. Also, make an effort to illustrate your responses with appropriate examples. It offers an impression to the examiner that the student understands the concepts well.


It cannot be overstated how important it is to use revision multiple choice questions for exam performance. You must constantly modify your questions, assigning a number to each one and learning them. It’s crucial to put oneself to the test regularly. Give yourself an exam after you’ve spent a week revising.

Your revision strategy also should be well-organized and structured. It will be easier to understand your plan if you write it down and hang it on the wall in front of your desk. Create a set of many choice questions with you every day and go through them again and again. If you apply this 11 plus exams strategy regularly, you’ll be astonished at how rapidly your knowledge of this subject expands.