JEE stands on the top among the ranks of competitive exams for engineering aspirants due to the promise to grant admission in India’s most prestigious engineering universities like IITs, NITs, IIITs, etc. The stakes have grown so high that students dedicate an extra yes solely for the preparation of the exam after they complete their Intermediates. People opting for this one-year gap are known as droppers and quite obviously Kota, the coaching mecca of the nation is one of the most popular destinations alongside the Coaching Industry of Hyderabad. The droppers consist of people who missed on their favorite institutions by small margins, people who didn’t prepare for the exam during their intermediates and finally people who wish to show that they can perform better and missed the opportunity due to some personal mistakes or so on. The reasons can grow but there is one invariant, a dropper has the highest stake since JEE doesn’t have multiple attempts like NEET. The article will describe the modes of learning available for the droppers and depending on their type, what mode should be preferred.

The coaching industries had enjoyed a monopoly for almost 3 decades until online education emerged in the last decade and strongly growing only in the last couple of years. Kota is naturally an attractive option for students and delving inside the reality helps taking decisions more logically and effectively. Kota features some excellent coaching institutions such as Resonance, Vibrant, Bansal, Allen, etc. with exceptions of FIITJEE and Aakash spread all over the country and Sri Chaitanya and Narayana in South India. Wikipedia declares these schools as officially cram schools which have managed to thrive together as a billion-dollar industry and only growing higher with the society’s approach. They claim to provide solutions to the huge belt of middle-class families in the country where admission into these top institutions is seen equivalent to a passport to a luxurious family.

Starting with Bansal Classes in the early 1980s, Kota has managed to showcase some of the best teachers and the students ultimately get the gain. However, it is to be understood that all the coaching classes are divided into multiple batches and only the top batches gain access to these quality teachers and the education. The rest of the students help these industries sustain either by coming under parental pressure or lacking an aptitude for engineering subjects. However, thousands of students still appear every year in this city with a meagre 1% managing to clear the cut. It is natural that students who have a high aptitude for such subject matters or are academically decent find Kota a ticket to a lifetime of riches. But, all of this comes at a cost, huge cost. One year of coaching costs over 1 Lakh excluding the food and accommodation which adds strain to most of the average Indian. A string of suicide and other shameful activities follow with not being able to handle the guilt of having failed the parents. Online education, owing to technology have managed to arrive at the right time with its cost-effective support.

This article will aim to compile the prominent list of e-learning platforms in the domain and give you the essence of benefits following which you can naturally choose the most appropriate option.

Online Learning has benefits in terms of cost, time, customized content, uniform access to education etc. The online-based learning takes away the expensive tuitions. Alongside the study materials, a great deal is saved in terms of commute as well. JEE online education has also removed the problems of backlog and catching up. The student can study as per his own convenience and can work on customized schedules making the learning efficient. The contents are also presented beyond the boundaries of chalk-board teaching in forms of animation.

There are quite a list of e-learning platforms but the below list features the platforms ticking the factors of exhaustive facilities and cost-efficient for that had been brought into the discussion and has practical relevance.

The four platforms which manage to provide the above said support are kaysons, Etoos, plancess & AskIITIans. In terms of cost, Plancess, Etoos and AskIITians is priced around Rs. 80,000 which is more than thrice that of the kaysons which costs around Rs. 14,500. However, Etoos, along with Kaysons boasts of full support, even doubt clearance not included by many of the competitors. The price gap is due to the classroom methodology followed by Etoos where top teachers from Kota are recruited and recorded. Both of these serve equally well in terms of study materials, test-taking, an exhaustive question bank, mock tests etc. The online mode has grown to accommodate the gap and with its advantages also trumps as the winner in more than one scenarios. Kota is a good place to be in if the students perform well generally and can adjust to the environment quickly. For the vast majority that is disappointed, online education can more than offer the solution out of it.