NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) has carried out a survey recently which states that a common set of qualities, attributes are what 93 percentage of the participating entities seek from a prospective employee. These skills are:

  1. Ability to communicate properly
  2. Ability to think critically
  3. Ability to solve problems spontaneously

Before getting into the details of why employers put so much emphasis on certain aspects or qualities of some employee, we must know its reason. The above three mentioned qualities can be grouped under what is known to us as soft skill. This soft skill is the basis or building block of the human resource of an organization and most of the times, the probability of achieving success is found highly dependent on these factors. Now, as we are clear about the background that why employers are very concerned about certain soft skills of their employees, let us try to tabulate the major aspects which employers want to see within their future employees.

  1. Quality of Leadership: 

Irrespective of the volume or size of a business, employers will love to have you as their employee if you have leadership quality. It is better to understand what leadership quality is. Leadership quality is a fuzzy area between inherent nature or capability and a developmental aspect. To put it simply, mostly you can either have leadership quality within you or not. You can always develop some aspects of leadership aspect but not all of it can be learnt. This quality has very serious consequence on the business as when some employee has a leadership quality, the decision making task and other managerial tasks can be vested on him and the situations are handled without much intervention from the top management of the organization.

  1. Teamwork:

You can not complete or accomplish a work on your own without the help of the others. This becomes the truth of life when you enter in your professional career. You may be very skilled at what you do, but most of the time, you will be performing or will be required to perform a part of a certain work with the collaboration of others. Hence, the mentality and temperament to work in collaborative nature is also a requirement from employer’s end.

  1. Overall Communication:

Most of the people think when it is said about communication, that possibly written communication is referred to, which is completely wrong. Communication means written as well as verbal. Employers are found to be keen to recruit such an employee who has an excellent control over communication both in written and in verbal manner. This is because, when it comes to the day to day business tasks, you will not only face the situation where you need to communicate over mails or letters, it may be the case that you would be needed to present a power-point presentation, where your verbal communication will matter the most. Hence having excellent communication skills both in the form of verbal and written is what you need in order to convince the employer with confidence.

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