Nowadays, most of the students pick counseling psychology as the career path because it can allow them to explore a lot of job opportunities with a higher pay scale. Students who take Jessup’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology can reach their career targets without any complications because it can allow them to learn everything and also support to get depth knowledge about the field. Jessup’s MACP program is mainly available to cover California’s state requirements for the Marriage as well as Family Therapy; even it can also satisfy the needs of the Licensed Professional Counselor licenses. This course is beneficial in many ways; first of all, it can also prepare students for different types of professions. There are plenty of career opportunities available, but Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology remains in the top choice.

Students who have taken our MACP program they have multiple choices. We design this program by keeping students’ needs so it can allow them to explore dozens of mainstream; even candidates also access some out-of-the-box options. We will also highlight some non-traditional career paths for the MACP graduates that includes

Marriage & Family Counseling:

A marriage and family counselor is a professional who has excellent knowledge. The experts help couples entirely as well as families overcome some issues like interpersonal issues. With the experience the Counselors work in individual at the same time supports for managing friendly relationship which means they help to maintain a healthy family, some common issues include

  • Economic issues
  • Parenting problems
  • Relationships issues with children
  • Communication
  • Understanding

Psychological Counseling:

Having proper mental health is one of the most important factors to lead a healthy lifestyle. The counselor helps clients manage emotional disorders and also ask some questions which help clients understand the root cause of the particular problems, with the proper analysis they can also offer suitable strategies this will be useful for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Usually, a mental health counselor may work some treatment center, hospital, college, etc. in general the counselor have some responsibilities

Helps clients for finding support groups at the same time suggested some treatment facilities to get relief from mental disorders.

  • Diagnosing emotional disorders
  • Treating some kind of mental
  • Managing a friendly relationship with clients and provides them inner peace
  • Helps clients to bring some life changes

School Counseling:

A school counselor highly supports students to make some kind of positive changes by managing their behavior which can be helpful for the improvement of emotional health. School counselors do the below aspects

  • Educate students
  • Help students to reach their career goals
  • Collaborate with teachers
  • Manages a strong relationship with their teachers
  • Educate about bullying, college preparation, etc
  • Provide additional support

Jessup’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology is one of the recommended choices for students who focus on education, skills. Without a doubt, this program highly supports for the students to develop good habits and integrity. There are a lot of career opportunities also available for Jessup students.