In today’s post-modern society, it has become necessary to learn everything faster and in a smarter manner. And one of such eyes witnessing an example of smart teaching-learning process is the various courses to Learn English Online (belajar bahasa inggris online, which is the term in Indonesian). Although, it must be mentioned that not only English but there are several other courses available to be taught online.

As English has been the international language, and also it is mostly entertained in job sectors, therefore people nowadays are always in a bit of a hurry to learn it somehow. But being always in a busy schedule, they find it hard to get admitted to any school or institution to learn the language. That is one of the main reasons for opting for the online courses offered by several institutions.

Various online platforms like websites, applications, YouTube channels, videos, etc. are constantly offering to learn English online. Some institutions offer six months or twelve months of courses and they take constant examinations to judge the improvement level of the candidates. In the end, they also provide a certificate of merit.


  • Online programs not only save our time but also helps us to enlighten ourselves from anywhere on the earth. It can be learned anytime, in leisure or while taking a break.
  • Although online courses cannot be taken without the internet, still it saves the expenses of traveling. For those who are too elderly in their age, they also take lessons without being present in any conventional classroom with their juniors.
  • As today’s generation is more mobile-centric, they can access it while listening to songs or chatting which is a better option for them. Also, via the internet, data sharing is faster than ever. Through email or other options available, all the study materials are transferred.


  • The main disadvantage may rise out for those who are not sufficient and habituated with technology and mobile phones. Internet surfing, technical skills are at least required on the basic level.
  • Focusing too much on the computer or mobile screen will surely harm our eyesight. It may cause multiple sensitive visionary problems. Also, online learning programs lack the physical interaction between human beings. As a result, you may face difficulty in speaking in spite of being grammatically sound in writing.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned facts, we must consider the gains more than our losses. Using mobiles or computers unnecessarily must be avoided while doing such online courses to be safe physically.