Choosing a preschool is sometimes tough for many parents, as they have more requirements and expectations on how their preschool should be. Kids should play, learn and be outspoken to the teachers. In the kindergarten, teachers should handle the kids in a more safe and secure manner. When the kids feel the environment is secure it will help them to learn things in easier way. Here in this blog we are going to discuss choosing a kindergarten for your kids.


When you do research for the kindergarten in Delhi or any other area you should know about the staff in the kindergarten. While talking, teachers should get down to the students’ eye-level. It is also important that teachers should show real interest in the kids. The teachers should be caring and they have to have smiles on their face and teach them in a polite manner even if they make some errors.

Kindergarten school in Delhi will have teachers with adequate training. CPR training for teachers and also some necessary degree they should complete to handle and train kids.


Ask the preschool coordinator about the school’s emergency plans, as it is the most important criteria. Also ask them for the teacher-student ratios. Check for the playground and toys. Best kindergarten school in Delhi will have a setup along with all the safety measures and precautions.


Kiddo’s classrooms with child-sized furniture can comfort their posture and also the bigger furniture can cause those wounds sometimes. The room size should be adequately and don’t look like a jam packed one. The rooms should have lots of books and pictures with children’s stories and shelves to look for kid-made books. It is also good if they have all the writing, building creations, and pictures should be evident around the classroom. This kind of environment will give them a look, as it is the place for them.


Check with the school for the handbook that fills the parents and school communications in.  Check for the newsletters, calendars, and emails may be some ways the school communicates with parents. It is also important to give daily notes to the parents about their kids’ performance.

Behavior Management

Ask them about the behavioral guidelines that are in place in the classroom.  There should be age-appropriate expectations, with clear rules and consequences. Also ask them about how the teachers will handle the kids if they have any argument or fight with other kids.

Class Schedule

Usually play school will teach the kids in a more playful way. They teach about the shoes, clock and etc using the game play. It becomes easy for the kids too to learn about them.


As the school about the curriculum they follow to their kids. Hands on activities, crafts, drawing, language experience and a lot of what they will learn in a play school.

In major cities like Delhi, you will have more playschools, visit them for the curriculum they follow and also to check the environment they provide for kids.