There are too few left who are not already convinced that the future belongs to the IT industry. Moreover, there are even voices saying that in a few decades or even much faster, technology will advance so much, still applications will take the place of people. However, let us remain in the area of ​​moderate opinions that rely on the fact that the programmer can never become an endangered species.

You can learn the basics of programming on your own, in less than a month, no matter what studies you have, as long as you are passionate, motivated and ambitious and invest enough time, but to become a top programmer you need at least 6 months of sustained effort, according to some experts in the field.

It is easy to learn programming and algorithms on our own. All the necessary information can be found in books and online tutorials. The condition, according to the programmer, is to establish from the very beginning a final result to which to direct your learning effort.

Although you can’t learn A to Z programming alone, the basics of languages ​​are accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Easy Programming languages to learn for the beginners

Those who want to learn programming themselves start with lighter languages, such as Python, whose popularity is due to the simplicity and conciseness of the code. Other languages ​​recommended for beginners are Java or C++.

The basics of a certain programming language can be learned quickly, in a few weeks, but it takes a lot of practice to reach a high level of performance. Moreover, there are many related subjects that need to be learned depending on the context in which the respective programming language is used.

Although there are a large number of programming languages ​​(C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, Ruby, Haskell, Scheme, prologue, Javascript, HTML / CSS) which need proper training in an institution.

The easiest programming languages, recommended for beginners, are HTML and JavaScript, and the most difficult, but also the most used, is Java, followed in the top of the requirements.

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Reasons behind you enrolling for 6 Month Industrial Training:

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