The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established in the year 1985, by an Act of Parliament and today it is considered as the top most open university in India. IGNOU is not only one of the top most universities of India, but is also one of the biggest universities all over the world. Today there are more than 29 overseas institutions of IGNOU that offers learning to the students of other countries as well. Some regional centers in India witness more than ten thousand IGNOU admissions each session and it happens twice in a year. 

Reasons why IGNOU attract so many students each year

Approved by government and follows the regulations of the Ministry of Education: IGNOU was established by the Government of India and is also run by regulatory policies the Indian government. If you register yourself for Distance Education in India in IGNOU for any specific certificate or degree or diploma, after the completion of the course you will get the degree which will be recognized by all countries.

Reputation: Being established in 1985 and reaching such a great position within 2021 is just possible because of the reputation that the University has created. So, reputation is another main thing that attracts lakhs of students each to take IGNOU admissions.

Provides quality education: The IGNOU courses are of high quality, but also easily accessible. So, the learners can study in a style that suits them the best from a distance.

Accessible to students from every nook and corners of India: India being a developing country has many places that do not have proper access to education facilities till now. There are certain students who cannot afford to go to college regularly because of communication problems and women from minority groups also face certain issues to attend college regularly. So, for these students distance education seems most convenient and IGNOU also has study centers for them in the rural areas too. 

Distance Education allows students to improve their resume: There are certain students, who want to improve their resume by gaining another degree. But after their jobs it becomes quite impossible for them to attend any regular course. These people opt for a distance education course in IGNOU to gain an extra degree as IGNOU is a government approved university and can be totally relied on. 

Flexibility: Starting from the admission procedure till getting the degree, the entire procedure in IGNOU is very flexible. The admission procedure happens twice in a year, the July session and the December session. The submission of assignments and exams also happens twice in a year. The students can seat for the exam during the session which will seem more convenient for them.

These are some of the main reasons why IGNOU has gained so much popularity all over the world in such a small time period. Besides the University plays a vital role in providing education to the students who may not have access to it otherwise. Starting from youths of minority community to physically challenged people, IGNOU is an accessible university for all.