Starting to learn English is an important decision in life, as it requires the student to be motivated and willing to acquire new knowledge. Striving is, of course, a good thing, but besides it, there are still questions about finding a worthy teacher and his required qualities. You think you know it all? Guess what! We have some secrets to find. You don’t want to miss it!

Online or offline English training

Convenience and flexibility

Thanks to online courses, students plan their classes at a convenient time, and also combine work and family life. The course materials are available on the Internet, so there is no need to purchase expensive textbooks and manuals, which implies traditional training with an English tutor.


During blizzards and storm warnings, classes have to be cancelled, which affects language progress. At the same time, such problems do not affect students of online courses. In addition, online courses allow you to save money on travel to your destination.

Technical skills

A basic online course requires computer skills, software and learning platforms. This helps to hone your file creation and sharing skills.

Also, the course includes audio and video materials that may be useful in work.

Ways to find an English teacher

One of the most effective ways to find a tutor is probably to ask people you know. Sometimes private English tutors leave business cards and contact numbers in cafes or shops where potential students visit. Or they publish an advertisement in a local newspaper and magazine.

One of the best places to find a private English tutor is a university or college. However, having an academic degree and knowledge of the language at a high level does not guarantee that the teacher will find an approach to the child, since the specifics of scientific work leave their imprint (keep that in mind).

However, the fastest way to search is online. You can search on specialized sites for tutors or just drop by us.

The difference lies in the introductory lesson. Private teachers are not eager to conduct such classes, since for them it is an integral part of their earnings, however, it is very important for us that learning at school is comfortable and fun. And, also, so that you understand whether this or that teacher is right for you or not. Private tutoring professionals value an individual approach.

English tutor for children

For fussy children, tutoring requires the teacher to have paramount skills and experience. Having a pedagogical background plays a key role.

If the teacher has a linguistic or philological education, then ask if he / she has passed the methodology of teaching a foreign language, and if there is direct experience of working with children. Still, children have their own characteristics and require a certain approach.

Experienced teachers for children tend to make the lesson more interactive in order to involve the child throughout the lesson. Also, you can ask to look at the feedback from past students and their parents.