Manga is a Japanese term which is used to point a character of a comic or a novel; Japanese authors often use manga to make an exciting series of a comic which amazed their Readers. It was very first used by Hokusai who was the artist of Japan. There are two major types of manga, one in a hand drawn form, and the another one in an animation form which is known as anime. Manga, as hand drawn looks amazing with large eyes and small mouth. There is series ongoing on television for kids which are also a Japanese manga Called Doraemon. It is very popular among kids. But if you want to มังงะ then you need to buy books or comics to get happiness through it.

This manga term is being used in Japanese comic and novel industry. The top most famous manga series are one piece, Bleach, Naruto, death note and many more.

Why should you อ่านการ์ตูน?

If you want to get relaxed and be happy then you can read Manga comics as it can thrill you And can take you to the another world where you can find happiness and peace of mind. Not only kids adults can enjoy manga too as it is available for every single category of people all around the world.

Which manga is the best for adults?

Here is some manga comics for adult manga fans, as readers have the opportunity to enjoy some of the edgiest, sexiest and ultra-violent tales ever conjured up by manga artists. It’ll take a peek at some manga worlds that are starkly real, and others that make them feel like they’ve discovered parallel universes which are weird and horrific. Here is the list of some manga which is famous amongst the adults.

  • Blood+
  • Berserk
  • Dragons rioting
  • Prison school
  • Uzumaki

How manga is beneficial for kids?

Every time a child อ่านการ์ตูน of their choice, there is always something new which they discover. The words and speech patterns make a little more sense and the meaning behind them becomes that much more clearly. Every time a child reads that story their ability to comprehend it expands just a little. The images and pictures shown in that comic grab attention of kids and inspire them to learn fine art like them so that they could draw manga by themselves with their own interest.