The question is often raised whether an interactive map or virtual tour should be used for a particular site. This article will explore the differences between these two approaches to help you make your decision.

What are interactive maps?

An interactive website map is an online tool that gives users the ability to view geographical information on a map. Information displayed on these maps may include:

– Transportation (roads, railways, airports)

– Government (cities, states, and countries)

– Landmarks (buildings, monuments, parks)

– Geographic features (mountains, rivers, lakes)

Demographic data (population density, income levels)

– Weather (temperature and humidity)

– Time zones

Users are able to click on different items on the map that give them information about that specific place. For example, a user could click on a road displayed on the map to learn more about that road and the types of businesses located along it.

What are virtual tours?

A virtual campus tour is a collection of 360-degree panoramic photos that, when viewed using a browser or specialized software, allow users to look around in any direction so as to construct a mental model similar to having been there. Virtual tours allow users to look up, down, and all around; in other words, “virtually” anywhere within the limited space of a panorama.

A user will be able to click on an item that was previously photographed so as to learn more about it. For example, clicking on the road mentioned above would give the user more information about the road and its features.

Difference between interactive maps and virtual tours

If you are looking for a way to explore the world on your computer, there is a difference between interactive maps and virtual tours. Interactive maps may be more suited for finding directions, while virtual tours allow you to see an entire environment.

An interactive map allows users to view geographical information on a map such as transportation, government, landmarks, geographic features, demographic data, weather, and time zones. A virtual tour allows users to look all around in 360 degrees. Users click on an item that was previously photographed to learn more about it. This is the difference between interactive maps and virtual tours while creating online college tours.


Interactive maps and virtual tours are two different tools that allow users to look at geographical locations in differing ways. Interactive maps show users geographical information through specific map coordinates while virtual tours allow users to view panoramic images of a certain place. By clicking on an item users learn about the locations of the images and can explore a specific location in more detail. Click to explore more about how interactive campus maps is making students’ lives easier –