Has there ever been a time when you contemplated the significance of your Chemistry classes? How applicable are they, and how can you use them in your daily life? You may be asking yourself the following concerning Chemistry. Due to the intriguing nature of this topic, it is worthwhile to investigate how Chemistry occurs in our environment.

Chemistry plays a vital role in every individual’s existence. Nearly everything comprises chemicals, humans, animals, material items, the food and beverages we consume, and our environment. Furthermore, chemical technologies improve life in innumerable ways. They include health, materials utilised, and energy consumed. Afterwards, we will cover the applications of Junior College (JC) Chemistry in everyday life.

Now that we’ve established that Chemistry is all around us, let’s examine some real-world instances.

1. Food

There is chemistry in the food on the table, which can be traced back to the preparation phase. From mixing materials to heating them, each stage of food preparation involves distinct chemical reactions. One of its typical reactions is known as the Maillard reaction. This non-enzymatic browning occurs when proteins and/or amino acids react with reducing sugars and carbohydrates. The use of heat stimulates caramelisation, which improves the food’s flavour, looks, and scent.

Moreover, chemistry plays a significant role in the food processing business. This industry uses chemical methods to mass-produce healthy and high-quality goods. Students may acquire such information while studying JC Chemistry, which might be advantageous if they intend to enter this field.

2. Hardware

While we may not know it, chemistry is present in all modern equipment. Chemistry is present in everything from the batteries we use to the screens of our devices. The phrase LCD itself demonstrates chemical interactions, as it is derived from “liquid crystals.” This possesses both the characteristics of a typical liquid and solid crystal. When these crystals are exposed to light, they emit light waves and produce pixels that are visible as colours on a screen. This is called the chirality principle, which is included in several Chemistry curricula.

3. Logistics

Chemistry makes travelling happen. Physicists have made it possible for individuals to take transportation to any location. This is now feasible due to internal combustion engines and the ignition and burning of gasoline or diesel. These materials are converted into energy to propel pistons, propelling the vehicle’s wheels via gears and revolving crankshafts.

With rechargeable electric vehicles, the situation is different. Electrochemical processes power lithium-ion batteries to facilitate ion and power transmission. All of them were covered in Singaporean JC Chemistry lessons, allowing students to have a more profound knowledge of these ideas.

4. Medicine

If we feel ill, we turn to medicine. During a basic migraine or headache, pain signals are sent to the brain by chemical messengers. Here is where the potency of analgesics comes into play; they have qualities that inhibit these signals, lowering our perception of pain. You may say goodbye to your headache if you take an NSAID that inhibits particular enzymes and combats inflammation via prostaglandins.

Moreover, specialised medical treatments, such as X-ray scans, incorporate chemistry. The radioactive qualities of barium and chemotherapy both employ certain compounds to inhibit the development of tumour cells. Students who wish to pursue a profession in medicine in the future can benefit by learning these.

5. Cosmetics

Developers must have added chemical components to all of your everyday items. Using chemical reactions and materials, they created lotions, powders, scents, and even skin care products in laboratories. This information is typically included on product labels, enabling students to make more informed selections when purchasing cosmetics.

Enrol in Tuition

Chemistry is present in everything we do and see; we actually live and breathe chemistry. Knowing how it operates will assist us in making day-to-day decisions and open doors to potential career possibilities. So, if you are less than confident, be sure to enrol in JC chemistry tuition to strengthen your knowledge.