The context is very good for individuals who want to sell real estate in 2020. As we will see below, the real estate market is very dynamic thanks to very low mortgage rates. In addition, prices are increasing in some cities, but beware this is not the case everywhere

Discover all our tips for a successful property sale in 2020, taking into account the current property market and the opportunities that this presents. In this current pandemic and lockdown situation if you need to do real estate transactions, the visit

A year 2020 as dynamic as in 2019 for real estate sales?

As we explained in our review for real estate in 2019 and trends for real estate in 2020, the real estate market has broken all records in terms of the number of real estate sales in the old in 2019.

Further significant reductions in mortgage rates have helped boost households’ purchasing capacity for a house or an apartment. Housing sales have therefore been very significant, especially in the very large sought-after cities.

  • For 2020, borrowing rates are very likely to remain at very attractive levels. We can therefore hope for sellers to have another good year for real estate in 2020. The risk of a rate hike that will lower real estate prices is quite low, but it should not be forgotten.
  • So this is a good time to sell real estate in 2020. Here’s how to sell your house or apartment well in 2020.

Getting a good estimate of your property remains crucial

Whether you sell from person to person or through a real estate agency, the quality of the estimate of the price of your house or your apartment will be essential.

Indeed, a property that is placed too expensive can take months or even years to sell. On the other hand, you don’t want to sell off your property and get the best possible price for it.

There are many ways to get a real estate estimate. Some are completely free. For example, you can complete this free real estate estimate online on our site.

Others are chargeable but provide more precision and complete independence during the appraisal. Indeed, there is no sales mandate to sell you behind. This allows you to be more transparent about the value of your home.

Free real estate valuation

For those who want to make their own opinion on the value of their house or apartment, it is possible to use different services that we list in our page on property prices. For more on this visit

Also use notaries’ statistics on real estate prices. In particular, you will obtain average or median prices per square meter for apartments or median prices for houses by geographic area.