A research paper consists of a number of parts, and you need a clear idea about the components of each of these parts while doing PhD Rajasthan. Given below is a brief overview of the five elements of a research paper, along with the significance of each of these elements in giving shape to your research paper.

Title and abstract

A research paper needs to have the title and the abstract framed in the proper manner. The keywords and phrases as a part of your title page will offer a clear description of the nature of your study and the scope of your work. The abstract has a summary of your study, and it has the introduction, hypothesis, consequences, conclusion, and methods. Going through the title and the abstract gives you a clear idea of what a reader can expect. Based on your title and abstract you can also keep in mind a few premade book covers incase you want to print the research paper and make it a proper book or like a source for research

Literature review

Literature review refers to the books and other material that you have analyzed for your research paper. In this part, you are expected to give an overview of the topics and methodology of studies that have been conducted previously on your chosen topic. You will have to point out the things that you have picked up from the study material that has helped you shape your ideas about the topic that you are working on.

Study methods

Your work needs to come with a thorough explanation of the research designs and processes. Here you will explain the ways of data collection with exact reasons based on why you choose the method. Consider this as the roadmap to your research paper, and when any reader decides to follow similar work in the near future, they can choose to reconstruct your study following your procedures. Data analysis is a crucial aspect of this part, and it shows the way data gets structured.

Study results

The study results refer to the outcome of your research paper. The information in this particular part reflects all the data that you have collected. The section is organized by your data presentation at first. You will have to concisely and clearly outline your findings in this part. The results need to reflect all the elements that you have assessed in the course of your study. You need to connect all the dots to show the proper study results.

Recommendation and interpretation

Information put in the results part lays down the foundation to make recommendations and depict conclusions. This is one of the crucial parts of your research paper. You will be summarizing your study and offering any conclusions drawn from that data. You will also present recommendations regarding the practical uses of the research work. It will help anyone who hopes to follow a similar line of research as you have done.

A clear idea about the parts of a research paper will be helpful to you if you’re planning to join a PhD program in Rajasthan University. So, go ahead and start taking the right steps to start your Ph.D. in your chosen subject.