Many consider the DJ to be a full-fledged musician, represented by world-class names like David Guetta, Martin Solveig or the Daft Punk. These emblematic characters create their own music, positioning themselves on certain musical segments: House music, Electro, Trance, etc.

  • His turntables are the first of his instruments and are used to modify the pieces he has selected or to chain them. Thus, the professionals create a new title according to specific methods  (like the medley for example, which consists in diffusing several songs in a row, without cutting).
  • However, a DJ can also be content to broadcast music for an evening. The professional then moves away from music publishing to focus on animation.

Between these two situations, there is thus infinity of workers carrying out both in more or less significant proportions. At the AcademyMarbella you can have the best DJ course now. There you can find the perfect solutions now for taking your next profession.

Thus, if it had to be summarized, the profession of DJ can consist in:

  • develop and prepare programming adapted to an audience
  • master the techniques of mixing: filters, delay, scratch, crossfade
  • use these techniques to create original pieces
  • master computer aided music (MAO) software
  • as a host, the DJ has to intervene at the microphone

Is the DJ considered an artist or a trader?

As we have just seen, the DJ can offer a wide range of services. Be careful to define them well when creating your self-business because they will have an impact on the nature of your activity.

So two cases can arise when a DJ provides a performance:

The client provides the DJ with the equipment he will need

The worker therefore has no other element than his know-how to bring. In this case, the DJ is considered to be a performer. The Marbella Academy stresses on this.

The DJ performs with his own equipment

This is the most frequent case, but it then depends not on the liberal professions, but on the commercial professions. He will then register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Good to know

Do you create your own songs and want to sell your compositions through CDs or downloads on the internet? In this case, your activity will be considered commercial and you will report to the CCI. However, you will not be paid in the form of copyright. On the other hand, your performances in front of an audience, even if you play pieces of your composition, will always be a liberal activity. 

What are the training courses to become a DJ?

Present everywhere in France, schools allow to become disc jockey from the 3rd (and therefore without having obtained other diplomas before).

Elsewhere on the territory, we will find for example:

Beyond the courses over several years, these schools also offer short courses. On the other hand, there is not really any pre-requisite to become a DJ, except to be  rigorous  and  passionate about music . To this, let us add that we must accept to be available and demonstrate adaptability, because demand can evolve very quickly. Trust the course arrangement of the Marbella academy and you will be having the best results.