For most of the students, writing assignments and projects is the most difficult thing to do. They felt perturbed (worried) even at the thought of writing assignments. They feel confused about how to start their project and then finish it on time. If you are one among them, don’t worry we are here to help you. In this blog, we will try to discuss writing tips that will be helpful for you to kick start your project. By following these tips not only you will write a perfect management assignment but you will also finish it before your submission deadline. Sounds interesting right? Let’s begin,

What is Project Management?

The Project Management Institute defined Project Management as a “temporary endeavour with a definite beginning and end”. Thus, Project Management is used to attain a specific result with the help of definite or sequenced tasks. These projects can be done or handled by a single person or if required they need a group of people.

How to Begin

Prepare a Plan 

Preparing a plan means you should analyse how much importance or weightage your assignment holds in shaping your percentage. Supposedly it can help you to gain some good grades then you should focus on how much time is required to complete the project successfully. You should search for the theme which is currently relevant and also can be researched in less time. You must have an idea about the scope, cost, and time required for your project. Supposedly, your Professor has given you a project on “Factors Affecting Buying Behavior of Consumers” then you must have a brief idea about the buying patterns of the customers, brands they are loyal to, and what role the Fast Moving Consumer Goods play in customer’s life.

Conduct Research 

You must read the assignment topic carefully as Management is a wide subject and hence, you must have additional knowledge about what to answer. For example, if you are writing an assignment on “Benefit analysis of Company” then you have to search in-depth about Cost-Benefit, decisions taken by the company in times of crisis, risks taken by the company, and the intangible values shaping its brand value. Hence before writing any topic you must do in-depth research about the subject matter.

Compose Draft

When you start to research you will find a lot of matters on your topic but to present it in an organized manner you need to draft a plan first. Drafting a plan means you prepare bullet points on how you want to proceed with your theoretical argument, what are the logical steps involved, and finally how you will conclude it? Your professor will look at the steps that you have composed to present the data and information that the assignment required. For example, if your assignment topic is “Human Resource Management at Amazon” then your writing steps must include,

  • Introduction about the company
  • Company’s working policies
  • The working environment of the company
  • Policies of Human Resource Management
  • Schemes of Training and Development at Amazon
  • Interpretations and Analysis of your findings (conclusion)

In this way, you will logically conclude the working of Human Resource Management at Amazon and your project will be worth for some good grades by your Professor.

Prove your theoretical arguments

When you start to write your project assignment, take enough examples to prove your point. Examples help the readers to understand your viewpoint in a better manner. While you are proving your point, you must clearly differentiate between someone else’s viewpoint and your perspective. This will create the authenticity of your assignment and the reader will appreciate your thought process. For example, if you are writing upon “leadership and management tricks” then you must write, as Alessandro Berselli points out as “Great leaders don’t tell what to do. They show you how it’s done”. This thought is good but in my view, this perspective will not work in the present scenario as today people have different needs, interests, and values. Thus, we should give them space to do their work with their own patterns. If you present your thoughts in such a manner it will definitely produce an impact upon your reader

Proofread and Conclusion

The conclusion must be very effective and summarize your arguments in simple words. Sometimes students thought that writing highly impressive language with no logical argument can impress their Professor. However, this might not work for you as your Professor needs ideas and not an impressive language. So you must focus on creating ideas rather than impressing your Professor with language. Lastly, every work required good proofreading. Sometimes students are not sure about their language skills hence they might not pick out the mistakes correctly. In that case, you can take help from various service providers who will proofread your text.

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