You can become a process tech if you have the knack for making plans and analyzing whether the quality of the products produced are up to par.  Then maybe process-technology training is your first great decision.  Getting your process technology bachelor degree from ITI Technical College is your next great decision.  Your training will place you squarely in the job market where you will be a hot commodity with employers.  Consider that your main duties will be centered around the maintenance of the manufacturing process equipment.  You are responsible for the safe operation in an environment that is clean and organized.  This means that your employer must be able to trust in the training you’ve received to do the job well.  In addition, another part of your job will be the requirement that you are able to schedule and perform the regular maintenance, cleaning and repair of equipment.  You will also be required to order machine parts to upgrade equipment when necessary.  Do so will ensure that your machinery runs at its optimal level and give the best performance.

Although much of your time will be spent with hands-on maintenance of machinery, there is also the expectation of the ability to perform administrative tasks such as documentation of machine repairs as they are done, placing orders and improving and implementing safety guidelines.  If this sounds like a position where you can see career growth, then yes, becoming a process tech is for you.The process-technology programs at ITI Technical College will prepare you for a career in today’s manufacturing environment.  You will be well prepared with the entry level knowledge needed to operate industrial process equipment.  Many graduates can also use the skills they’ve learned on current occupations in related field industries like petroleum, ceramics, pulp and paper, power, chemical and aeronautics. The education received at ITI College will give you the ability to perform the tasks in your field such as,

  • Planning and analyzing.
  • Controlling the qualify of the manufacturing process.
  • Ability to implement equipment operations and safety by providing training to team members.
  • Monitoring all operations to prevent accidents and repair equipment malfunctions.
  • The ability to take quick action in the event a malfunction or problem occurs.

Process technicians are much needed because they work in a variety of industries.  These are industries such as manufacturing, the oil and gas industry, and many areas of health care.

Persons in this field are required to follow strict internal protocols good manufacturing practices.  This field carries a lot of responsibility.  The training received for the position of a process technician like what you would receive an ITI Technical College will assure prevention of deviation from safe practices.

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