Study problems

Most students feel bored when studying their lessons, find it heavy for them, and they have difficulty understanding and assimilating lessons, and remembering information after returning to a home, and this generates a feeling of a lack of their abilities, so they develop a problem of understanding and comprehension to their dislike of the subjects, and therefore their dislike of the school, but if they The student loved studying and enjoyed it, he would definitely love his school, and in this article we will mention a group of new and innovative methods that help the student to study and make them less boring and more fun.

New ways to study

Make studying more interesting

This is done by imagining mathematical problems as interesting and interesting story events, or by converting the characters in the curriculum books into favorite stories or movies characters, and to facilitate the memorization process the student can read the lessons aloud, and make them a specific and interesting melody, and in this way it is easy for the student to remember Lessons will not forget her easily, and make studying more fun than before.

Exploiting the talent of the student

Study becomes more enjoyable by drawing some pictures about the information that must be studied, or drawing tables and charts with attractive and comfortable colors to look at, and always hanging them in the room, to see them, which makes the information fixed in the memory, and the student can collect information that is difficult to memorize, and coordinate it in A short song with a pleasant tone to make it easy to memorize.

Friends collaborate

It is one of the ways of studying that increases the feeling of challenge and enthusiasm among students, such as the representation of some of the characters in the lessons, so the student takes a historical figure and the other is scientific and literary, and each person identifies himself and its achievements and what she presented to the world, or by taking the role of the teacher and explaining the lesson to a group of students, or by creating a competition To memorize, or solve problems that students organize among themselves, and to define a simple reward for the winner, and they can use the teacher to guide and guide them, and in this way the study is a time for fun, play and study at the same time.

The use of advanced information technology

Technology can be used as a computer and a smartphone to study instead of wasting time on it by playing and having fun only, and it can be used in studying to work the teacher’s private work, because the Internet has no end information, but it is easy to use, for example a student can search for a specific lesson title in any subject, so it appears He has various search results such as articles, pictures and videos, so he chooses what he wants, or through the use of computer programs, such as Word to write his lessons and attach pictures to them, to facilitate memorization, or through the PowerPoint program, to make diagrams and display boards attached with sound and image, in this way he buys D about traditional study, which has become boring.

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