A person has spent many years studying to be an occupational therapist. They have completed all of the coursework and the required programs. They have put in countless hours studying and working clinical experience. Now the only thing that stands between them and a career is the NBCOT Exam. There is an easier way to study than just by reviewing the information in the book. The NBCOT exam prep and online services can help a student prepare for this test.

Analysis Study

On the best way to study for the exam is to use review domains, tasks, and statements that will take on the responsibilities of the work and will demonstrate that a person has the confidence and the knowledge to work in this field. A person needs to be able to demonstrate that they can work in this field and to practice safely. They need to show they are competent and will need to show that they will not cause additional harm to the patient.

Therapy Ed

When a person is looking for NBCOT exam prep they can take this program as a refresher and help them prepare for the exam. This is a two-day course review and is very intense. The course will go over the important content and active listening will help a person focus. A person will be able to look at multiple-choice questions. They will also respond to some opened ended questions and get feedback. They will be able to find the area of their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow a person to look at further areas where they need to study. There are also clinical stimulations to help prepare for the test. In addition to the information about the content, this course contains study types and tips for taking the test.

Pass the OT

This program is available online and offers many different services. There is individual tutoring available. There is also study material and tips for taking the tests. Some of the questions on this site are challenging and will make a student use all of their knowledge to answer through it. They can monitor their progress and can work in any of the 8 different modules. Each of the modules will cover topics that will be found on the NBCOT exam. There are over 1,800 different questions that may be found on the exam. A person can work through a practice exam at their own pace or they can take a timed version. The tests will also provide a comprehensive report. A study will be able to see what areas they are strong in and which areas are their weakness where more practice is needed. There are clinical simulations and a student will be able to focus on this area. This site can be used on the computer. A person can also access the study material on their smartphone or tablet.

Study Group

A student can work together with others to review the material. This may make studying more interesting. Others can help in areas of weakness and allow the student to try something new when they are studying for the exam.

These are some ways that a student can prepare for the NBCOT exam. They have put a lot of time and hard work into studying for this test and are looking to begin their career. These studying tips will help a student prepare for the exam and demonstrate their knowledge in the field of occupational therapy.