“If you passionately want to do something, then do it!  Every woman has the potential and capability for it.” ………

“When it comes to products…I don’t think like a businessman. I think like a woman! (And that’s the reason for my success)

This is what some of the successful women entrepreneurs of India have to say when it comes to sharing their journey of success.

Today, we bring you stories of 6 such successful women who have managed to carve a space for themselves in the world of business….

  1. Richa Kar, founder of Zivame
Richa Kar, founder of Zivame
“Even today, when we get new products or brands, I think from a woman’s point of view and not a business owner.”

Did you ever think you could make money selling inner wear to women?

In India, buying inner wear was a secret affair.

With such background, Richa boldly decided to launch an online store, Zivame, for lingerie (or inner wear as it is secretly called).

Today, Zivame is hugely successful in India and Richa, as its CEO, dreams to make Zivame into a 100-crore business!



  1. Upasana Taku, founder of Mobikwik
Upasana Taku, founder of Mobikwik
Kick up a storm or die trying!

Just when Upasana had a great career for her in banking, with top multinational company, she decided to shake things up.

She took the brave decision to start her own company,Mobikwik, a digital wallet.

And today, Upasana is counted among the most powerful women in India.

Upasana and Richa are a part of the growing tribe of successful working women in India. To know more such successful women stories, click here!


  1. Meena Bindra, Founder of Biba
Meena Bindra, Founder of Biba
“If you passionately want to do something, then do it! Every woman has the potential and capability for it.”

Meena was a housewife who loved designing clothes.

She started designing them for friends and family…. with the idea to make a little pocket money.

And soon, the business grew and Meena decided to launch Biba – the fashion label that took India by storm.

Today, almost every prestigious mall has a Biba outlet and the brand boasts of revenues in crores!

India has a culture of successful women entrepreneurs.

Glow and Lovely Careers shares such inspiring success stories of women entrepreneurs of India.


  1. Ekta Kapoor, Producer
Ekta Kapoor, Producer
“I want every girl to find the gold within her. And that gold should shine on the entire world.”

She is one girl who does not need any introduction.

What many don’t know is how early Ekta started working!

She started working at the age of 17 and since then has worked hard every single day to be where she is today.

As the creative head of Balaji, Ekta is known for her marketing, business and creative streak! Talk about girl power!



  1. ­Falguni Nayar, founder of Nykaa
Falguni Nayar, founder of Nykaa
“Think big but start small”

Imagine you are 50 and working. What will you do next? Work towards retirement or start a business?

While most people would choose retirement, Falguni chose launching her own online cosmetic platform!

And the result? Falguni’s online cosmetic store, Nykaa, has crossed a turnover of Rs 200 crore today!



  1. Vandana Luthra, founder of VLCC
Vandana Luthra- founder of VLCC
“Just decide who you are going to be and pursue your dream against all odds.”

Known as the queen of wellness, Vandana worked for hours with doctors to set up VLCC – a beauty and wellness clinic.

Soon the brand expanded and Vandana ended up creating a history – building an empire of clinics and products which are now popular throughout the world!