Tagalog is a language spoken by the Filipino people. It is the national language of the Philippines. Much of the language is based on Tagalog, though a native Filipino will tell you there are differences between the 2 languages. In general, the official Filipino language borrows more heavily from Spanish and English than Tagalog does. And Filipinos who do not speak Tagalog may even be offended if you refer to Tagalog as the official Filipino language.

Tagalog is also spoken by many Filipinos in other parts of the world. It is a very old native language, filled with tradition and beauty. Many people want to learn Tagalog strictly because it is a charming language. They may also want to learn Tagalog to get in touch with native roots, or because they plan to travel places where Tagalog is spoken.

Tagalog is simple to learn if one just sets his mind and heart to it. What one needs is to have the powerful will to acquire the language and will just be shocked with the progress made. Especially, with the proper guidance for a good teacher. Motivation can indeed drive people to get things sometimes even beyond expectations. With self-esteem as a force, someone can just simply acquire Tagalog language because of the will to overcome barriers. He would even consider the challenges as nothing but little roadblocks that must be dealt with before finally accomplished the goal of learning Tagalog online. Visit: https://teachereriza.com/

To learn Tagalog fast, you must ensure that the technique you are using to learn the language is effective. The way that’s generally accepted as the best way to learn Tagalog online quickly is with an online Tagalog tutor. A good tutor will teach online Tagalog lessons for foreigners that focus on providing the best experience and guidance while you take on this new and challenging task.


  • How long does it take to learn Tagalog?


The time it takes depends largely on the materials you have at your dispose and how much you time you spend with your Tagalog tutor. Online Tagalog tutors are a great resource, and a good one can make the learning so much quicker and easier.

Regular self-study is really important too. In addition to the time you spend in your online Tagalog lessons, you should practice at least an equal amount of time on your own. This is the quickest way to reach a comfortable speaking level. 

You should at the bare minimum, take a one hour lesson a week. If you have a sufficient amount of time, It’s even better if every week you can take two or three online Tagalog lessons. for expats or foreign workers in the Philippines, this is probably a better number.

Practicing what you have learned with native speakers for a few months in everyday conditions is necessary to become confident. Begin this practice before you finish the online Tagalog lessons. The earlier, the better.

Learning any foreign language can be challenging, and Tagalog is no exception, but you will be rewarded for your effort by learning a charming language that will richly enhance the life of anyone living in the Philippines or dealing with Filipinos on a regular basis.