Quality education is needed for a progressive country. It is with learning that students grow further and develop themselves as good citizens. Education forms part in everyone’s lives as learning is a journey and, thus, a never-ending cycle.

Learning is found within the four corners of a classroom and beyond the gates of an educational institution – a philosophy of which the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, before Aquinas University, believes in providing academic excellence. It aims to instill not only teaching from textbooks but as well as moral principles, thereby granting holistic development for every student.

As the first Dominican university in the Bicol region, UST-Legazpi is ever-committed with producing quality graduates at all levels: College to UST Legazpi preschool as it seeks to hone and nurture students to bring out the best in them. With the help of their offered services, the educational institution accomplished various feats over the years, including top-notchers in licensure and bar exams, among others.


To know more about UST-Legazpi, here are the essential details that you should take note of.

Embraces The Christian Community And Teachings

As a Dominican university, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is deeply engraved with the Christian philosophies of teaching. It gives due regard to the underlying principles in the Christian community, which are used in providing the best learning experience for students. Grounded with the pursuit of holistic development, moral values are one of the utmost teachings instilled among Thomasians. More so, UST-Legazpi is continuously assessing and evaluating its institution through the process of accreditation to ensure quality education.

Highly-Proficient Teachers

In pursuit of quality education, UST-Legazpi is promising with its excellent pool of educators. All teachers are highly-proficient at various educational levels. It’s one high determining factor of the continuous success of the institution. Likewise, the university aims to establish great forms of discourse and engagement between students and teachers to achieve the best learning experience. In effect, there is an increase of enrollees from pre-school to UST college application, which the institution provides due focus. Teachers serve as facilitators of learning – a statement that UST-Legazpi so beholds.

High-End School Facilities

The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is known for its quality facilities. The university seeks to provide the best learning environment for students to achieve academic excellence successfully. The facilities are built to serve the needs and concerns of both students and teachers. It’s a guiding factor that shall help students learn more.

Properly Equipped For K-12

UST-Legazpi is well-adjusted with the K-12 program. With its junior and senior high school levels, the university seeks to ensure that students are provided with the necessary tools and materials. Not only in the K-12 curriculum but as well as in graduate studies, such as in the college of law in Legazpi, Albay, that UST-Legazpi aims to bring top-notch teaching.


Final Word

UST-Legazpi is set to aim for quality education. In attaining the goal, the school services are thereby improved and further innovated. All students are given priority to their concerns. As learning comes with demands from several underlying factors, UST-Legazpi chooses to work at its best to produce the best students, not only in the region but in the country as well.