The B-MAT or the BioMedical Admission Test is an aptitude exam taken by aspirants to crack through the veterinary, dental and some major medical schools as part of their admission procedure. The exam is used by the universities of Singapore, Thailand, Croatia, Hungary, the UK, and the Netherlands. 

The best way and easiest to enroll yourself into Thammasat University, however, is to take up TU-GET Tutoring (ติว TU-GET, which is the term in Thai) and crack the TU-GET exam of English proficiency sans much hassle. The test is the yardstick that the graduate and the undergraduate students might take to test their competence and proficiency in English.

When Did BMAT Came into Existence?

The aptitude exam was first initiated by the famous Cambridge Assessment to aid the universities to filter down candidates and select only the potential ones, the ones who are fit and capable of the course. Most of the potential applicants applying for the exam are excellent with their grades, so the university needs a better way out to select the right candidates.

How is BMAT helpful?

The BMAT test helps the universities to compare the candidates who seem promising and qualified on paper. The exam is also a way to assess the capability of the students who have already bagged a myriad qualifications.

Getting Ready for the BMAT Test

The BMAT test is designed to test the knowledge and skills of the candidates that they are already expected and are bound to have theoretically. The test is developed to assess the great skills like developing and constructing arguments, problem-solving and critical thinking.

The best way to study BMAT (เรียน BMAT, term in Thai) and to excel in the exam is to solve some of the practice papers. The official website of BMAT offers a wide-range of previous year practice papers, with explained answers. The website also offers effective resources and tips to take the exam.

How to Gear up For BMAT Exam?

Practice and improve your mental arithmetic, as most of the questions would include test-solving skills with the use of graphs, algebraic formula and use of fractions.

Double read the questions- To achieve good marks and grades, you better find a way to the information and leave anything and everything irrelevant.

Try and Identify Your Weak Points- Practice previous years’ question papers to understand the question types that you might get. Spend time identifying your weak areas and give to improve it instead of overlooking it.

Getting ready for BMAT is not difficult at all if you can concentrate enough and have to zeal to achieve good scores. Also, remembering that the exam shall help your dream of studying your dream college come true should be enough to help you prepare in the best manner possible.