Computer Application is a study and practice area in the field of computing and information technology. It is purely dealing with the application of computing and software systems as a concentration. During the late 1980s, computers became available worldwide and many universities started offering the Information Technology program as a branch of study.  Gradually other concentrations also came up viz. Information Systems, Information Technology Management, Information Systems and Management, Knowledge Engineering, etc. It is worthy to note that these fields were started in major western and developed countries. However, in India, as an applied branch of study, major universities introduced ‘Computer Application’ other than ‘Computer Science’. A majority of universities have started programming and software technology-focused MCA (Masters of Computer Application). Most of the top tier institutes in the country now offer this Masters’s program to the candidates. Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University was established in the year 2013 in Gurugram district, Haryana. Registrations for the SGT University Admission 2020 can be done through the application forms floated on the university website.

How to Join MCA?

To join for a Masters’s degree in Computer Applications, the candidates should be graduates in any discipline with mathematics and/or statistics being one of the mandatory subjects. A candidate is also eligible if he/she had graduated with mathematics as a subject in the higher secondary (10+2) level. Lateral entry is also possible for a BCA graduate. The candidates should fill in the application forms and submit them along with the application fee through the SGT University Admission 2020 portal.

The Benefits of MCA

The MCA program prepares students to take up key positions in the IT industry such as systems designers, analysts, programmers, and managers. The objective of the course is to impart comprehensive knowledge that gives both theories and practice an equal emphasis. The MCA students are also mandatorily required to work in the industry. This is very important because it gives them an insight into how the IT world works.

Some of the fields in which students are trained to include Computer Networks, Systems Designing, Data Mining, Application Development, Administration of Databases, Enterprise Resource Planning, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Parallel and Vector Processing, etc. These learnings will definitely help them out when they enter the workplace.

Career Prospects after MCA

  • Software Developer: If you love to code and have good knowledge in coding then you can go for developing software and applications. With the fast growth of app stores such as androids’ google play store and others it is very necessary to develop and maintain the software and application.
  • Testing: Testing is highly important in any project. You may have to learn about testing methods and have to gain more experience in that line.
  • System Analyst: To drive businesses and increase efficiency, a system analyst is to come up with innovative IT solutions. They act as the connecting link/bridge between the software developers and the clients.
  • Software Application Architect: They are the ones who make all sorts of decisions in the architecture and design of IT products and/or services. Their work includes creating technical protocols (software coding standards etc.) and guidelines.
  • Software Consultant: They continuously monitor and evaluate a business and its processes. They provide software solutions and other feedback that can improve the efficiency of the business. They can work for a consultancy firm or can be self-employed.

Other than these options one can also go for being a technical writer or even start their own venture and experience the field of information and technology.

Investments Required

The degree is one of the most cost-effective when compared with other undergraduate programs. The SGT University Fee Structure is laid out such that education is affordable to economically backward students also. The total fees for the 3-year course come to around ₹1.6 lakhs. The ROI (Return on Investment) is exceptional as the placement cell at SGT University works tirelessly to cater to the career of the students. Mandatory internships and training programs on communication and employability skills are organized throughout the academic year for the students. The college has a great track record of getting students placed at top tier companies namely Urban Clap, Vivo, Airtel, Wipro, Vodafone among others with decent pay packages. Scholarships and other concessions are also provided in the data science training in hyderabad  to reduce the economic burden on students with low family income.