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Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers committed to raising general knowledge about digital currency, cryptocurrency, as well as basic financial literacy. Our backgrounds range from former financial professionals, to concerned citizens looking to keep people fiscally fit and out of debt. We began raising awareness about digital currency in 2015, when we first released our app for android. DNotesEDU has been proudly educating the world on financial matters ever since, and all content is submitted by our generous volunteers.

What We Do

DNotesEDU is committed to raising basic financial literacy and digital currency awareness across the globe. We strive to provide knowledge to unbanked areas of the world by informing them of alternatives to traditional money transmitters and their local currencies. We hope our efforts will help include entrepreneurs from around the world in a global economy they would otherwise have no opportunity to participate in, whether that be because of local currency restrictions, high remittance payment costs, remoteness, or political instability. We also encourage those in leading nations to bolster their saving habits, and avoid taking on bad debt, so their finances stay strong.

Mission And Values

  • Promoting financial inclusion in underbanked and unbanked areas
  • Bridging the education gap between traditional and modern finance
  • Raising financial literacy and instilling strong saving habits across the world
  • Curbing the endless debt cycle by encouraging responsible borrowing
  • Providing the required basic knowledge to participate in cryptocurrency

A Message From DNotesEDU

Thank for your support everyone, we hope you all like the new site! DNotesEDU is committed to covering a wide range of viewpoints on all matters digital currency and finance, if you feel your outlook is under represented please contact us. We seek to keep this site bias free, and your opinion as a DNotesEDU supporter is extremely important to us.

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