Think of this first day of class scenario: a child throwing a tantrum, some of your students are fighting, and a shy kid is not cooperating with a class activity. As a teacher, you might assume that everything will go smoothly. But kids will be kids. A classroom can also be chaotic, especially for kids with different behaviours. As a new preschool teacher, you can learn some childcare in Singapore to make the class more organised and build happy memories with your students.

Keep the classroom fun and make sure that everyone feels they belong. It would be best if you practised inclusiveness so students will feel comfortable with you, regardless of their attributions. So, here are some childcare tips for new teachers.

1. Have a Routine and Established Schedule

Children may not like surprises and random changes in their regular routines. So, as a teacher, have an established schedule as it keeps the students comfortable and in control. If you’re teaching a preschool in PasirRis, you can follow the school’s rules when creating your routine and schedule.

2. Understand Every Student’s Difference

Your student can also have different qualities, personality types, and physical attributions. As a teacher, avoid being racist or showing favouritism to other students. Understand their differences and tell your students there is nothing wrong with diversity. You can also use this as infant care in Singapore to teach embracing diversity early.

3. Show a Sense of Humour

Students don’t want a teacher who is too severe. They might feel scared and intimidated by your presence. So, keep the class light and fun! You can also show some sense of humour by giving some jokes and learning how to keep the class entertained. Whether teaching in a regular or bilingual preschool, keep your students relaxed by showing some sense of humour.


4. Practise Patience

You must also practice patience as a teacher because some kids will be naughty or loud. Be patient and allow yourself to understand the cause of their behaviours. If you need help, call the parents or the principal to address the behaviour. Just avoid shouting or embarrassing them in front of the class.

5. Organise Your Lessons

Your goal here is to educate your students, so ensure you have organised your lessons before coming to the class. If you’re teaching in a bilingual preschool, look after your lesson plans and stick to them to keep the students informed.

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