Korean culture and media have taken over various corners of the globe. They revolutionised how people dress, perform, and create art while showcasing their vibrant ways of life. They even inspired numerous Singaporeans to learn Korean culture and language online to provide them with career, educational, and travel opportunities while developing a better appreciation for the nation’s K-dramas, K-variety shows, and K-pop artists.

But with the number of individuals and institutions offering Korean lessons online and in-person, where can you find the ideal one to help you master the language? Do you need to visit their country to learn their language? Scroll through to find out.

1. Ask Your Friends And Relatives

If you have a friend, colleague, or family member who attended language lessons, you can ask them if their former tutor offers a Korean language course in Singapore. You can also talk to them about their experiences with their classes to learn what you can expect from the programme.

2. Go Around Your Town

If you have time to spare, you can drive or walk around and look for a Korean language facility or tutor in your Singapore neighbourhood. Going around your town will also allow you to physically check the facility and see if it has an environment that inspires learning.

3. Use The Power Of Google

Search engines like Google are one of the most innovative tools ever invented. With a click of a button, they will locate a Korean language school or tutor near your residence and provide you with their office’s complete address and contact details. You can also find an expert to help you ace your Korean proficiency test through Google and its capabilities.

4. Check Online Databases

Believe it or not, you can find online finders to help you search for someone offering Korean lessons online or in person. These programmes have compiled the details of language facilities and experts throughout the island and turned them into a database that will point you to the Korean tutor that suits your needs and preferences.

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