Geneca was founded 19 years ago by Joel Basgall as a technology consulting firm. Their mission as a company is to help clients stay ahead of the competition by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with advanced strategy. They not only understand big ideas, but also possess the skills and knowledge to turn those ideas into reality.

Geneca is well renowned as an industry frontrunner in employee satisfaction, winning numerous awards such as Chicago’s Best & Brightest Businesses to Work For, which they won 6 times. They have ranked among the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America for 7 years, and have also had some very noteworthy corporate partners

DNotes chose Geneca for their cutting-edge technology and leadership

DNotes Global Inc. recognized Geneca as a technology leader. They wanted a current company with cutting-edge technology that could help and expand their internal team to execute their plan for rapid expansion. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are uncharted territories for many industries, but Geneca understands its power to impact and transform future marketplaces. DNotes needed a company who understood the complexities of digital currency and blockchain, as well as someone who shared their business philosophy and vision.