On March 23, 2008, Edward Bunny, a.k.a. the Easter Bunny, made a delivery that would change his life forever. A staunch traditionalist and dedicated professional, he was going to do something that morning that was so out of character, it was unbelievable to anyone who knew him. This career public-service bunny was about to break the client privacy and non-disclosure clause in his contract.

A wrong turn in the wee hours of that morning led him to the home of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. The homes of all his other deliveries were dark and silent, preparing for the sound of squealing kids at 5:00 am. Lights lit up one of the rooms at this particular stop and Edward could hear the buzzing of multiple computers. An ‘always by the book’ kind of rabbit, Edward knew he should leave but his curiosity got the best of him. He got in close enough to watch the computer screen, and realized he was witnessing the beginning of a groundbreaking technology that would change the concept of money and value forever. He could barely breathe, and left only because of his obligation to finish the Easter egg delivery.

The Easter Bunny knew enough about computers and technology to realize this was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that everyone finds out about after the fact. For weeks he couldn’t stop thinking about this bitcoin thing. With decades of experience sneaking into places unnoticed, the decision was made to go back to find out more – E.Bunny wanted in.

Before long Edward was secretly visiting the homes of all the developers working on bitcoin. He spent most of his money on computer equipment to mine bitcoin, and used what little he had left to keep the developers supplied with chocolate. They often wondered why there seemed to be an endless supply of Easter eggs, but always appreciated the full basket at 3:00 am. He racked up a lot of excess travel expenses during this time, and had to come up with creative excuses for leaving so many eggs in certain homes where there were no children.

Everything was wonderful with Edward’s new found passion, until Easter crept up on him one year and there was no money left to buy all the chocolate needed to make the eggs. Panic set in – an Easter Bunny with no eggs would get him fired, and he needed the job to keep mining bitcoin. The only solution this digitally enlightened (but broke) rabbit could come up with was to give the children bitcoin for Easter. Because each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million smaller units called Satoshis, it would be perfect for giving small amounts to the kids.

Being early on in the cryptocurrency timeline, Ed knew that no one would understand yet, so decided to give each child a bitcoin I.O.U. He held the bitcoin associated with each I.O.U. in the Easter Vault, waiting for the industry to evolve to a point where it would be easy for everyone to hold onto it themselves. His worries about the children not receiving any chocolate eggs were alleviated when he found out there is almost $2.5 billion spent on Easter candy every year in the U.S. alone. He felt pretty confident that parents wouldn’t mind their children receiving an investment for Easter instead of candy.

Over the last few years, Edward the Easter Bunny has continued to contribute to the children’s I.O.U.s, and has even taken it a step further. Knowing that a rabbit should never keep all their eggs in one basket, he began diversifying the Easter portfolio to include some of the other promising cryptocurrencies that have been launched.


1)  To date, no developer has mentioned the role Easter eggs played in the success of bitcoin.

2)  Any child wanting to know where their bitcoin I.O.U. is, will have to ask their parents.

Happy Easter!