Consumer demands are constantly forcing companies to adjust their product lines. If consumers refuse to purchase products because of a company’s ethics, that company is left with no alternative other than to change their ways, or they risk losing business.

You only get to vote once each election, but can vote with your money every single day.

Don’t give money to companies who don’t have your best interests in mind. By giving money to a group, you are empowering them. Make sure the organizations you’re giving more power to are not corrupt, negligent, and do not make gross human rights violations. They should align with your moral compass if you’re going to hand over hard earned money in exchange for goods and services.

Where are you spending your money?

Choosing the cheapest supplier or retailer may not always be the best option if that company works against you in the bigger picture. A company importing cheaply made foreign products will hurt local manufacturing, and although it may be cheaper at first, in the long run you are hurting the local economy.

If you have problems with wealth inequality, don’t rabble in the street; instead stop spending money at businesses with wealthy owners, and work to empower local small business owners who are trying to make ends meet.

If you believe in sustainable agriculture, don’t buy goods that rely heavily on subsidy or take a large toll on the ecosystem. If you can’t afford to buy food that fits this criteria, consider growing your own to save yourself money and avoid empowering the wrong groups.

If you believe kids should be allowed to be kids, don’t buy products that exploit child labor. If you believe in basic rights for all, and human decency, don’t buy products imported from countries who do not align with those beliefs.

A good example of stark hypocrisy in voting with your dollars, is anti fossil fuel lobbyists. They are vehemently anti oil, yet the majority continue to support the industry by driving, flying, using plastic, and in many other ways. 

If a company donates to or promotes political parties who do not align with your  views, stop purchasing their products and enabling them to do so. These companies are making your money work against you!

Don’t tell other people that they must vote one way or another with their money. It’s their money and their vote. Although this article lays out some persuasive arguments, don’t just change your spending habits on a whim, and make sure the companies you are empowering align with your values. If someone values entertainment more than food, shelter, and financial security, who are you to tell them not to buy that six foot wide TV?