DNotes digital currency was launched in February 2014, and has never lost focus in its mission to become a trusted, global cryptocurrency available for everyone. Within months of launching, it became evident that the industry faced an enormous hurdle in mainstream adoption if the only option was to download (and maintain) desktop or mobile wallets. This prompted the creation of a secure, user-friendly online storage vault, that would allow for anyone to get started investing in the future of DNotes.

There are a lot of people behind DNotes working tirelessly towards building all the infrastructure required to support a global currency of this magnitude. DNotes Vault is just one architectural piece of the master plan, but it is one of my favorites.


DNotes Vault is an online storage vault available to all stakeholders at no cost. Deposits are 100% guaranteed with a separate cold storage account held at a different location. The long-range plan for the Vault, with its ease of use and multi-functionality, is to evolve into a full exchange with partner banks. It possesses incredible features that, for both the novice and the independent self-investor, offer an easy way to provide for future financial needs. It is easier to register at DNotes Vault that it is to sign up for a bank account, and as an account holder at DNV, you can easily transfer DNotes to any other account holder with nothing more than their email address. Making gift giving even easier, you can initiate a transfer from your Vault account to their email address even before they register. An email is sent notifying them that upon registering, the DNotes will be in their account.

Equipped with a timed-send contract option, DNotes Vault allows you to designate transfers to another DNotes holder at predetermined intervals for as long as you wish. This can act in a trust-like capacity to guarantee your family, or perhaps a favorite charity will continue to receive DNotes for years to come. With a multitude of ‘something for everyone’ Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans, some which paid interest in the early part of the program, it becomes easier to see the mainstream appeal these somewhat familiar looking financial products will have. Both the retirement and education CRISPs allow for locking-in for a certain number of years, so you can ensure the recipient has a better chance of realizing significant long-term capital appreciation.

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy and it is important to do your own research before investing. There is the opportunity for substantial gains, particularly for early investors, but with that also comes the higher risk you typically see in any investment that has that kind of potential.