In a world where it is increasingly impossible to make ends meet, even with a full-time job, a well thought out blog that accepts cryptocurrency can give your income a much needed boost.

Before starting a blog it’s important to pick a subject you’re passionate about. If you aren’t that interested in the subject of your blog, chances are you won’t continue blogging long enough to gain a following.

After choosing your subject, it’s time to create a blog. We recommend using Weebly to create a free blog. Use the simple editor to drag and drop text, pictures, video, code, and more into your blog.

Sign up for CoinURL to monetize your traffic with ad revenue. You can also accept cryptocurrency donations by including deposit addresses for your currency of choice. We recommend using Poloniex to store small amounts of cryptocurrency, while moving larger amounts into cold storage.

Once you’ve registered for CoinURL and are logged in, select ‘Publisher sites’ under the ‘Earn’ drop down menu. Click ‘Add site’ and enter your Weebly Blog credentials. Then from the ‘Earn’ drop down menu, select create ad. Once you have created your ad, copy all text from the first box. 

Go back to Weebly and drag the ‘Embed Code’ button wherever you want the ad to be placed. Paste the text you copied from CoinURL into the ‘Embed Code’ box.

That’s it, when CoinURL approves your ad you are the new owner of a money making blog. But keep in mind that content is key, and without regular content, you won’t attract a large enough audience to make much money. Post articles, videos and pictures regularly.

You can exponentially improve your chances of success by promoting your blog on as many social media sites as you can maintain. Network with other bloggers who cover the same subject as you to help build a reputation. Have comment sections where your readers can leave feedback and you can engage your readers.

Most bloggers have to work for many years before they can rely on blogging as a source of income, and even then some don’t make the cut in this competitive industry.

Here is a breakdown from ProBlogger of how much money bloggers are estimated to earn on a monthly basis: